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Xpress Money has established one of the largest remittance networks in the industry, with 200,000 agent locations in 165 countries around the world. Xpress Money offers a convenient, affordable, accessible and secure way to send money overseas. Recipients can collect funds from locations around the globe or have money deposited directly into a bank account or mobile wallet. Funds are typically available for pickup within minutes.

Xpress Money exchange rates

Xpress Money updates its exchange rates in accordance with fluctuating market conditions. The company offers bank-beating exchange rates and fees on par with other money transfer services.

CAD$1 in exchange for:Xpress MoneyTorFXTD Bank

Rates as of 04 April 2018

How much does it cost to transfer money with Xpress Money?

Fees and exchange rates may vary based on amount sent and destination country. The table below outlines an example of how fees are set by amount based on sending money from Canada to India.

Amount Sent (CAD)Payment MethodPayment Received Fee (CAD)

Rates as of 04 April 2018

Xpress Money is open and transparent when it comes to providing quotes for payment – they will always generate the total amount that you need to pay when booking your trade in person.

What types of transfers can you carry out with Xpress Money?

Xpress Money offers a wide range of options when you want to send money overseas.

  • In-branch transfers. Schedule a transfer by visiting your local Xpress Money branch – the company has hundreds of locations in Canada and 200,000+ agent locations worldwide.
  • Cash pick-up. Recipient can pick up funds in cash by visiting an Xpress Money branch.
  • Transfer to bank account. Funds can be transferred directly into your recipient’s bank account in select countries.
  • Transfer to mobile phone. Xpress Money will deposit funds into a mobile wallet in select countries.

The only way that you can lodge a transfer with Xpress Money is by visiting a branch.

Pros and cons of using Xpress Money


  • 135+ Currencies. Xpress Money can help you to transfer funds to over 200 countries around the world.
  • Fast processing times. Depending on the destination and currency, Xpress Money aims to deposit funds on the day of transfer.
  • Convenient locations. With hundreds of agent locations in Canada, Xpress Money makes it easy to send money overseas.
  • Customer service. Contact Xpress money through e-mail or at their 24/7 toll-free number (1-866-977-3772)


  • Fees apply. Fees vary depending on amount and destination country.
  • Limited service options. Xpress Money has no online service, and you can only transfer money by visiting a branch.

Frequently asked questions about Xpress Money

Xpress Money provides a viable option if you’re looking to send money overseas quickly. However, it’s best to compare rates and fees from several money transfer services to find the best option for your needs.

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