Spend Less With These Easy Ways To Send Money To Macau

macau_203026618Send your money to family, friends and businesses in tiny Macau (Macao SAR), China.

The small country within China has seen booming Real GDP growth in the past few years and has had some of the highest historical Per-capita GDP cases coming in at US$92,504. Canada and Macau have had a successful relationship for over two centuries, with incredible booms in the trading and immigration industries.

With booming business in Macau, many Canadians both trade and work with businesses in the nation. Combined with Canadian migrants living in Macau and vice versa, there is a need to transfer money between the two nations. While many Canadian banks do allow transfers between Macau and Canada, there are also plenty of specialist money transfer services that offer fast and affordable ways to transfer money between the two countries.

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How to compare money transfer companies when you need to send money internationally

Kan was fuelled by the extreme gaming and gambling culture in the Macao SAR area. Now, at the young age of 25, Kan’s gaming industry startup has merged with a big gaming industry supplier in Canada.

Kan has arranged with his parents that he will send them money transfers during his stay in Canada. He uses a standard amount of $1,000 CAD so that he can compare his different options in sending money to his parents in Macao SAR.

Unfortunately many money transfer companies cannot send money in the local MOP currency, other than Western Union. Other companies can send the money in Hong Kong dollars (HKD) and then it can be exchanged into MOP.

Money transfer company AMoney transfer company B
Exchange rate$1 CAD = 6.1980 HKD (around 6.19 MOP)$1 CAD = 5.9640 HKD (around 6.14 MOP)
Transfer fee$50 CAD$25 CAD
Amount of MOP received in Macau for 1,000 CAD6,198.01 HKD (around 6383.74 MOP)4771.17 HKD ( around 4914.14 MOP)
Transfer timeMinutesMinutes
Transfer optionsPhone, online or agentOnline Account
Difference in MOP+ 1,469.60 MOP

What variables can Kan use to do an effective comparison study on sending money to Macao?

  • Exchange rates. Before settling on an exchange rate, make sure you compare different companies in order to find the best rate. Ask for a quote since many companies display an interbank rate on their site and not the rate they will quote themselves.
  • Pickup methods. Pickup methods can either be a cash pickup at an agent location or the transfer can be received in a bank account.
  • Fees. Fees can be fairly simple to compare, but since Macao is in China, it becomes more difficult with some companies. Do research on previous case studies where individuals made use of a service that doesn’t state its cost and whether it was a deal-breaker or complimented the overall experience. Companies like MoneyGram and Western Union will state their fees up front.
  • Bank to bank benefits. There are not any notable banks that have branches in both Canada and Macau for bank to bank benefits, but Citibank does support the MOP currency and will allow you to send money there. It is difficult to get a personal Citibank account in Canada.
  • Turnaround time. The expected turnaround time for using a money transfer service or your local bank is usually in the range of a couple of minutes or two to four working days.
  • Transfer methods. If you are planning on doing regular payments, creating an online account with a money transfer company is a wise move. The available services offer online, phone and branch methods to initiate the payment.
  • Transfer options. The transfer options include one-off payments, regular payments and forwarded contracts.
  • Minimum/maximum transfer amounts. Minimum transfer amounts range from $0 to $10 CAD and maximums can be as high as $10,000 CAD or higher. When comparing your options, look out for limits on how much per day or per week you can transfer.
  • Customer service. The available options of companies to choose from when sending money to Macau might be limited, but customer support is not. Companies like Western Union and MoneyGram have great customer support and can mostly help you on the phone, by email, in person at a branch and even over online chat. This is one of the biggest decision-making factors when it comes to covering your risk.

How can you send and receive money between Macao, China and Canada?

Money transfer service

Due to the geographical situation that Macao SAR finds itself in, most companies focus on China and surrounding countries more than Macao SAR. This means there are only a limited amount of companies that can send money there. Moneygram and Western Union send money to Macau, but only Western Union sends it in the local supported MOP currency.

Another service that is not listed on the Finder site is TransferMate, which requires online registration. Visit any of the Moneygram and Western Union locations listed below in the article to send money to Canada from Macao SAR.


Citibank supports the MOP currency and will allow you to send money to Macao SAR if you have an account. You will need to visit a local branch to determine costs and rates. HSBC operate in the Hong Kong area and have branches in Macau and visiting a branch could reveal more on whether a money transfer is possible.

What you need to know about emergency cash transfers to Macao SAR

Emergency cash transfers can be sent to Macao SAR using the same services as listed above. Moneygram and Western Union are dependable companies that transfer money within a couple of minutes. This money is then ready for cash pickup at a specified location in the destination country.

Cash pickup locations in Macao SAR using Moneygram and Western Union

Western Union


  • Shop of communications museum
    Estrada De D. Maria IiNo. 7, Macau,
    Monday to Sunday 9am to 5:30pm
  • Marine terminal post office
    Area De Chegadas Res Do Chao DoTerminal Maritimo Do Porto Exterior, Macau,
    Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm, closed on Sundays


  • Almirante Lacerda (Red Market) Post OFC
    Avenida Do Ouvidor ArriageNo. 96, Edf. Centro Com. Camoes R/c -a, Macau Sar,
    Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm,
    closed on Saturdays and Sundays



  • MoneyGram (inside Bdo Remit (Macau) Limited)
    Avenida De D. Joao Iv No. 2A
    Unit 6-B China Plaza Bldg U, Macau
    +853 2837 4385
    Monday to Sunday, 9am to 7pm

Tips for picking up cash in Macau

Macau is classified as a relatively safe area by the Canadian Government. However, there are yearly reports of incidents of petty crimes on tourists and people carrying valuable goods. This means that you must exercise caution when you do a cash pickup at an agent or you withdraw money from an ATM.

What steps will you need to follow to send money to Macao SAR?

To send money to a bank account in Macao SAR, you will need to provide the following beneficiary details:

  • The bank name in Macao SAR, China
  • The basic beneficiary details
  • The account number of the beneficiary’s bank
  • SWIFT / BIC details
  • The exact amount of funds and the type of currency

When you are sending a cash pick up money to a recipient:

  • The address of the recipient or the address of the agent for pickup
  • Basic details of the recipient
  • The correct amount and currency that you are sending in

What will you need when you are at a Moneygram or Western Union branch in Macao SAR to pick up the cash?

  • Your photo ID
  • The tracking or reference number (called an MTCN by Western Union)
  • Copy of the transaction receipt as an added safety measure

Background information about Macau

Macao SAR, China, is also known as Macau. The SAR stands for ‘Special Administrative Region’ and functions on many of its own government functions in China. It is one of the world’s richest cities (or countries) and has some of the highest spent per capita in the world.

This is in huge part due to its Las Vegas like culture and sits as one of the gambling capitals of the world.

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