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Send money to Ecuador

Take advantage of low fees and competitive exchange rates when sending money to Ecuador.

Sitting on the west coast of South America, Ecuador is a culturally diverse nation known for its lush rainforests, white sand beaches and world-famous landmarks. Since thousands of Canadian tourists visit Ecuador each year, it’s become a hot spot for international money transfers. If you’re looking to send money to Ecuador in the near future, check out our handy money transfer guide to find the most competitive exchange rates and lowest fees.

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Compare money transfer services

Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
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Disclaimer: Exchange rates change often. Confirm the total cost with the provider before transferring money.

Which provider should I use to send money to Ecuador?

If you need to send money to Ecuador, the first question you should be asking yourself is whether you plan to use your bank or a dedicated money transfer service to get the job done.

  • Banks. Many Canadians consult with their banks to facilitate international money transfers, even though this is typically a more expensive process since banks often charge exorbitant fees and exchange rates.
  • Money transfer services. Dedicated money transfer providers are often a more convenient and affordable choice. Money transfer services are able to offer lower fees and more competitive exchange rates, which can save you a ton of money in the long run. This can be especially handy if you carry out regular transactions.

Case study: Kevin sends money to Quito

Kevin’s sister Nadine has been travelling through Ecuador for two months when she calls him from a payphone in Quito to tell him that her purse has been stolen and she needs some fast cash. Kevin offers to send her $1,000 and decides to compare the services of two cash transfer services to see which will offer him a better deal. The comparison below is based on exchange rates in the spring of 2018, so check current rates before making your choice.

Cash Transfer Service 1Cash Transfer Service 2
Exchange rates
CAD$1 = USD 0.75
CAD$1 = USD 0.72
Transfer fees
Amount received (for $1,000)
USD $750
USD $720
Transfer speed
In minutes
In minutes
Options available
Cash tranfer
Cash transfer

Kevin realizes that he can save USD 30 (around CAD$40) in the exchange rate with the first money transfer option, although he’ll need to spend an additional five dollars in fees. He gives Nadine the coordinates for the money transfer agent in Quito and she is overjoyed when she receives her money in a matter of minutes.

Today’s exchange rate CAD to USD

Tips and tricks to compare companies when transferring money to Ecuador

  • Exchange rates. Banks often charge exorbitant exchange rates while many dedicated money transfer services will offer rates that are closer to the mid-market rate (the rate that comes up when you search “CAD to USD exchange rates” on Google. Look for a service provider with competitive exchange rates and low fees.
  • Fees. Most money transfer companies charge a fee of around $4 – $12 for transferring money to Ecuador while most banks will charge over $25. It’s important to note that some companies charge hidden fees so be sure to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Transfer speeds. Transfer times can vary between 10 minutes (for cash transfer services) and five business days (for banks). Keep in mind that transfers that can be sent in minutes are often much more expensive than those that take 1 – 3 days to process.
  • Transfer methods. Every transfer service will offer different transfer methods, which can range from bank-to-bank transfers to cash pick-ups to mobile top-ups, so don’t forget to double check what’s on offer and pick the best option for you.
  • Transfer limits.Minimum amounts depend on the service you choose, which can range from a $100 – $5,000 limit. Some companies also have maximum transfer limits in place.
  • Bonus features. Some companies specialize in providing one-off transfers only, but others can offer flexible features such as forward contracts and limit orders which allow you to book a lower exchange rate in advance of your transfer.
  • Customer service. Methods of contact will vary between companies – some are available 24/7 while others may only be available during regular business hours. Choose a company that is available to answer all of your questions through either web chat, phone, e-mail or in person at a branch location.

How can you send money to Ecuador?

  • Banks. You can send money transfers through your Canadian bank. Banks tend to charge high transfer fees, offer less competitive exchange rates and take up to three to five days to process your transaction.
  • Money transfer services. Most money transfer companies will support transfers to Ecuador given the USD currency. Most money transfer options charge less than the banks for direct bank account transfers.
  • Cash pickup transfers. Western Union and MoneyGram offer easy and fast cash transfers to Ecuador, although they typically charge higher fees than money transfer companies.
  • PayPal. You can send and receive money using the online services of PayPal. Both you and your recipient must have PayPal accounts before using this transfer method.

Emergency cash transfers to Ecuador

In the event of an emergency, cash pick-up options like MoneyGram and Western Union can help you get your money to where it needs to be in as little as 10 minutes. These companies offer cash pick-ups at thousands of agent locations across the globe and can be a lifesaver when you’re in a tight spot. Just beware that they’re often more expensive than a bank-to-bank transfer. If you have a flexible timeline, it can pay to look at bank-to-bank transfer services like OFX and World First to complete your transaction.

Tips for picking up cash

The Government of Canada recommends that Canadian visitors to Ecuador exercise a high degree of caution (as of 04 September 2018) due to an increase in crime. Petty theft including purse snatching, car break-ins and pickpocketing is a daily occurrence in major cities. If you need to pick up cash at an agent location, find a cash collection point in a safe neighborhood and make sure to visit during daylight hours in the company of a trusted friend. Return to your hotel to stow your cash in a safe place as quickly as possible.

What are the steps to send money to Ecuador?

The transfer process when sending money to Ecuador will vary depending on the transfer provider you choose to use, but most providers will require you to follow these basic steps:

  1. Sign up for an account. Provide personal details such as your name, contact information, proof of ID and bank account details.
  2. Enter transaction details. Log your recipient’s personal and banking information, and specify the amount of money being sent as well as currency and destination country.
  3. Submit and track transfer. Confirm the details of your transfer and then track your payment using the supplied verification code.

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