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So you’re looking to send money to the land down under, but aren’t sure where to start? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Check out our handy guide to find out more about how you can get the most bang for your buck when you send money to Australia.

WorldRemit International Money Transfers

WorldRemit International Money Transfers

WorldRemit can help you get your money where it needs to go in minutes, with upfront exchange rates and low fees.

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  • Transfers to 150+ countries
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  • Pay with card, Interac or Apple/Android Pay

    Get more value for money by comparing your options

    Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
    GBP 3,000 1 day CAD 0.00 1.132 AUD
    Global Reach will match any competitor's exchange rates. Conditions apply.
    Get no fees for both business and personal transfers when you send your money overseas with Global Reach.
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    CAD 0 Within an hour CAD 3.99 1.138 AUD
    Use promo code 3FREE to send your first 3 transfers with no fee. Conditions apply.
    An online money transfer service with cash pick-up, bank account to bank account and airtime transfers available.
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    CAD 1 1 - 2 days CAD 45.00 1.143 AUD
    Make online transfers with transparent exchange rates, low fees and low minimum amounts. Go to site Show details
    CAD 1 1 day CAD 0.00 1.137 AUD
    Send money in more than 60 currencies. Fee-free international money transfers with a global brand. Go to site Show details
    CAD 2,000 1 day CAD 0.00 1.132 AUD
    TorFX guarantee to beat any competitor's exchange rate for a transaction. Conditions apply.
    Send money overseas in 45 currencies.
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    USD 150 1 day CAD 15.00 1.132 AUD
    Exclusive offer: Discounted exchange rates for your first and ongoing transactions. $0 transfer fee.
    A higher exchange rate applies to non-finder customers. Send money in 45 currencies.
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    Compare up to 4 providers

    Disclaimer: Exchange rates change often. Confirm the total cost with the provider before transferring money.

    Banks vs money transfer services

    When it comes to sending money to Australia, many people rely on their banks to get the job done. But banks aren’t necessarily your best bet when it comes to sending money overseas. Let us do a quick comparison, so that you can make an informed decision about your transfer options before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

    • Banks. Banks have the capacity to send international wire transfers around the world but be prepared to pay out the nose for the privilege. Fees can range from $20 – $100, on top of a steep markup on exchange rates.
    • Money transfer company. Money transfer companies can send funds around the world with minimal fees (typically from $0 -$30) and bank-beating exchange rates across the board.

    Case study: Ava sends money from British Columbia to Australia

    While Ava is attending the University of Toronto, she borrows $12,000 from her parents to cover the costs of her tuition in nursing. After graduation, she finds a job with the Ottawa Hospital and is finally in a position to begin paying back her loan. She plans to send monthly payments of $1,000 to her parents, who live in Brisbane, but is waffling back and forth between using her bank and a money transfer service. After reading this post, Ava assumes it will be much less expensive to send money overseas using a dedicated money transfer service, but wants to put this theory to the test.

    BankMoney transfer service 2
    Exchange rateCAD$1 = AUD$0.94CAD$1 = AUD$1.01
    Transfer fee$18$0
    Transfer time2 – 5 business days1 – 3 business days
    Transfer optionsOnline transferOnline transfer
    Amount received for $1,000AUD$940AUD$1,001

    After conducting a quick comparison, Ava discovers that it’s exponentially cheaper to send money with a dedicated money transfer service. Not only does the transaction reach her parents quickly, but she saves around $61 on exchange rates and $18 in fees. Ava decides to transfer the whole amount back to her parents using the money transfer service, and saves $732 on transfers over the course of 12 months.

    How do I compare transfer companies when transferring money to Australia?

    It’s relatively easy to find the best deal when you send money to Australia from Canada, provided you know where to look. Make sure to compare your bank to a dedicated money transfer service, and keep an eye out for the following features:

    • Fees and exchange rates. Exchange rates and fees combined can tack on hundreds of dollars to your transfer, especially for larger amounts. It can really pay to compare services, to find the deal of the day.
    • Pick-up methods. Banks offer bank-to-bank transfers and bank drafts, while dedicated money transfer services can also deal in cash pick-ups and mobile phone top-ups. Find a method that makes sense for you and your recipient.
    • Turnaround time. While banks offer slow turnaround times across the board (typically between 2 – 5 business days), money transfer services typically pay out in 1 – 3 business days with cash transfers processing in as little as 10 minutes. Consider your timeline before settling on a service.
    • Bonus features. Depending on the company, you might be able to schedule payments in advance to protect your transfer against market fluctuations. Ask about bonus features like market orders and forward contracts for potential savings.
    • Customer service. If you decide to go with a money transfer service, make sure to do your homework and opt for a company with 24/7 customer service just in case you run into a snag with pick-up.

    What are some other alternatives for sending money to Australia?

    A wide choice of services means decisions, decisions, decisions! Our best advice to you is to take your time to do some research and make an informed choice. Explore user reviews and weigh your options so that you end up getting the most bang for your buck without a ton of headaches along the way.

    • Banks. Many banks will send money to Australia, so don’t hesitate to get a quote from your bank, to compare with quotes from 3 – 4 dedicated money transfer services.
    • Cash transfer providers. If you need to send money lickety-split, use a cash transfer agent like Western Union or MoneyGram. These services are almost always more expensive than online money transfers, but still manage to beat the bank 9 times out of 10.
    • Online money transfer companies. You can register for an account with any of the providers listed in the comparison table at the top of the page (simply click ‘Go to Page’). These reputable brands offer some of the best deals on the market.
    • International bank drafts. If nothing else seems to suit your purposes, you can always purchase an international money draft from your bank or Canada Post, and then send this to Australia through the mail.

    Emergency cash transfers to Australia

    If you need to send money to Australia as soon as possible, you’re not alone. Thousands of Canadians make their way to Australia every month, and need a cash top-up at some point along the way. If you happen to lose your wallet, you may be able to get a handle on some cash fast through your travel insurance policy (which you can buy prior to your trip or may even be offered through your credit card). For everything else, you can tap into a cash transfer service like Western Union or MoneyGram to send money overseas in as little as 10 minutes.

    Cash pickup locations in Australia

    Both Canada and Australia are flush with cash transfer agents like Western Union and Moneygram. These services offer rabbit-fast cash transfers between countries.

    • Western Union. Collect cash from hundreds of Western Union agent locations throughout Australia.
    • Moneygram. Cash is available to collect instantly from 276 cities across Australia.

    Emergency cash transfers in Australia

    If you’re planning your next trip to Australia, the Government of Canada recommends you exercise a normal degree of caution (as of 25 July 2018). Petty crime such as pickpocketing and bag snatching occurs in larger cities and thieves tend to target foreigners in popular tourist locations. If you find yourself needing to pick up cash, make sure to collect during daylight hours with a trusted friend. It also makes sense to deposit your cash as soon as possible, although you should be wary of securing in safe-deposit facilities inexpensive hotels and hostels since robberies in these establishments are prevalent.

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    What details do I need to send money?

    The exact process for lodging and completing a transfer will differ depending on the transfer service you choose, but most providers will require the following details:

    • Recipient name and contact details (including e-mail address)
    • Recipient banking information including bank account number, bank address and transit number
    • Proof of identification

    Once you’ve opened an account and placed your transfer, you’ll receive a receipt which will allow you to monitor the progress of your transaction until your payment has processed.

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