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How to get a car loan in 7 steps

Find out how to get a car loan to match your budget by comparing lenders before you hit the dealership.


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Comparing car loans from different providers is one of the most important parts of the car-buying process. Taking the time to get preapproved can help you qualify for the most competitive rates and terms available to you. Follow these steps to learn how to get a car loan for your new set of wheels.

The 7 steps for how to get a car loan

  1. Check your credit
  2. Create a budget
  3. Get preapproval from multiple lenders
  4. Compare your preapproval offers
  5. Shop for your car
  6. Finalize your loan and receive your funds
  7. Plan for paying off your loan

Step 1: Check your credit

The first step in how to get a car loan, is to check your credit score. Your credit score determines how much you can borrow and at what rate. Knowing your credit will help you understand when you’re getting a good deal — and when it’s best to find another lender. Discover how to check your credit score in our full guide here.

In general, a higher credit score will mean a lower rate. But lenders may also offer a lower APR for shorter loan terms or new car purchases. And if you have bad credit, you may want to take steps to improve your score to qualify for more competitive rates in the future.

Example: How your credit score impacts your interest rate

The table below shows some example interest rates you could end up paying for a $36,000 car with a loan term of 7 years and a $3,600 down payment. Keep in mind that not all auto financing providers will approve a loan for someone with a credit score below 560, but there are some lenders who offer car loans to people with bad credit.

Credit ratingCredit ScoreExample interest rateMonthly
Total interest paid
Very good725-7593.99%$506.67$5,480.17

Step 2: Create a budget

When you’re considering how to get a car loan, it’s important to figure out exactly how much you can afford to pay towards a loan each month. Our auto loan calculator below can help you determine what your monthly repayments would be based on your potential APR and loan term.

Car loan monthly payment calculator

Calculate how much you could expect to pay each month on your car loan.
Your loan
Loan amount
Loan terms (in years)
Interest rate
$ %

Fill out the form and click on “Calculate” to see your estimated monthly payment.


Compare car loans now

Based on your loan terms...

You can expect to pay back $ per month

This breaks down to...

$ in principal and $ in interest charged, with a total cost of $ Compare car loans now

Many experts agree that you should try to keep your loan term to 4 years (48 months) or less for that optimal balance between affordable monthly payments and not paying too much interest. For example, the total interest you pay on a $20,000 car loan — along with your monthly payment — can change drastically based on your loan term:

Loan termAPRMonthly paymentTotal interest
36 months5.5%$603.92$1,741.12
48 months5.5%$465.13$2,326.24
60 months5.5%$382.02$2,921.20

In addition to your monthly car payment, you’ll also want to account for the extra upfront costs that come with buying a car, including taxes, fees and your down payment.

Step 3: Get preapproval from multiple lenders

Car loans work differently than other types of personal loans. When you apply for preapproval, your lender will confirm that you’re eligible to borrow a specific amount at an estimated rate. Then you’ll have 30 to 45 days to shop for the right car. Usually it will only count as one line on your credit report — provided you apply for preapproval with multiple lenders within a 14-day period.

After you’ve confirmed you qualify, gather the information and documents and start the preapproval application. You’ll generally need your personal, financial and employment details. While some might ask for information about the car you want to purchase, this isn’t always required.

Compare car loan providers

To help you navigate the process getting a car loan, we’ve compiled a list of Canadian car loan providers so you can easily compare car loan features and get preapproved.

Name Product Loan Amount Interest Rate Loan Term Min. Credit Score Requirements Table description
CarsFast Car Loans
$500 - $75,000
4.90% - 29.90%
12 - 96 months
Min. income of $1,800 /month, 3+ months employed
Get a new or used vehicle delivered to your door.
Browse thousands of vehicles from dealers across Canada and get matched with financing that meets your needs.
Loans Canada Car Loans
$500 - $35,000
0% - 29.99%
3 - 96 months
Min. income of $1,800 /month, 3+ months employed
Compare rates from multiple lenders.
Complete a single application to get quotes from different lenders. Bad credit, CERB and EI borrowers considered.
$7,500 - $85,000
3.99% - 29.99%
12 - 96 months
Min. income of $1,800 /month, 1+ months employed
Available in Ontario only.
Apply online and get your new vehicle delivered to your door anywhere in Ontario free of charge. All credit scores considered.
Coast Capital Car Loan
$10,000 - No Max.
18 - 84 months
Able to service debt payment of $300/month
Competitive rates and flexible terms.
Finance new and used vehicles from one of Canada's largest credit unions. No credit union membership required. Available across Canada except SK, QC, NT, NU, YT.
Splash Auto Finance
$10,000 - $50,000
9.90% - 29.90%
24 - 84 months
Min. income of $2,200 /month, 3+ months employed
Apply with any credit score.
Get financing for a new or used car. Auto loans for borrowers with fair credit, bad credit, no credit or bankruptcy.
goPeer Car Loan
$1,000 - $25,000
8.00% - 31.00%
36 - 60 months
Min. income of $40,000 /year
P2P platform with competitive rates.
Canada's first regulated consumer peer-to-peer lending platform that connects creditworthy Canadians looking for a loan with Canadians looking to invest.
Carloans411 Car Loans
$500 - $50,000
1.90% - 19.99%
Up to 72 months
Min. income of $1,600 /month, 3+ months employed
High application approval rate.
Get connected with suitable lenders to finance your next car, van or truck. Check eligibility for this loan through LoanConnect.
Canada Auto Finance
$500 - $45,000
4.90% - 29.95%
3 - 96 months
Min. income of $1,500 /month, 3+ months employed
Get financing from partnered local lenders.
Financing for a new or used car is available for borrowers with bad credit, no credit, CERB, EI or bankruptcy.
LoanConnect Car Loans
$500 - $50,000
9.90% - 46.96%
3 - 120 months
No min. income requirement
Pre-approval in as little as 60 seconds.
Get access to 25+ lenders through this brokerage. Get your funds in as little as 24 hours.

Compare up to 4 providers

Step 4: Compare your preapproval offers

One of the most important steps when considering how to get a car loan is to carefully compare your preapproval offers after you’ve collected a few. Here are the key car loan features you should compare between offers:

  • Loan amount. If a lender is unable to offer you a loan that covers the anticipated cost of your car, you may want to cross it off your list.
  • APR. Loans with a lower APR tend to cost less, but you’ll still want to account for how much you can actually borrow and the loan term before settling on the lender with the lowest APR.
  • Loan term. The length of your loan will have a big impact on how much you actually end up spending. While shorter terms will mean larger monthly payments, you may end up saving thousands in interest over the course of your loan.
  • Restrictions. Take note of any restrictions your lender has on how you use your loan. For instance, many lenders only accept used cars that are less than 10 years old.

Step 5: Shop for your car

After you’ve calculated how much you can spend and have a few loans to choose from, it’s time to shop for your car.

Search online

Going online is a great first step because it allows you to compare dealerships’ advertised options against sources like Canadian Black Book, Auto Trader Canada, and kijiji. You’ll also be able to compare what the dealership charges against other offers — giving you access to the best potential deals.

Visit the dealership

Even if you already have a car loan preapproval, apply for financing with the dealership. You’ll have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating interest since you can compare any offers with what you were preapproved for online. And if you aren’t interested in dealership financing, you’ll at least be able to to skip some of the sales pitches. This means more time to negotiate the car’s actual price rather than just the potential monthly payments.

Step 6: Finalize your loan and receive your funds

Whether you choose to accept the dealership’s offer or simply go with the loan you’ve already been preapproved for, you’ll need to follow the instructions you’re given for how to get a car loan with that specific lender.

If you opt for financing from a third-party lender, your loan funds will be transferred in one of two ways:

  • Sent to you so you can pay the dealership
  • Sent directly to the dealership

If you opt for dealership financing, you’ll simply have to sign some paperwork to finalize your loan.

How to review and understand your car loan agreement

Step 7: Plan for paying off your loan

This is the most important step after you’ve figured out how to get a car loan. Many lenders allow you to set up automatic repayments, sometimes with the added benefit of an interest rate discount. But if that’s not your style, you should also be able to make payments manually, either online or by cheque.

Whichever you choose, be sure you have enough to cover the amount due each month. A history of on-time payments can build your credit score — giving you access to better terms if you decide to refinance your car loan in the future – while missing even one can lower your credit score by a few points.

Bottom line

Following the these 7 steps for how to get a car loan will help ensure you lock in a good deal on one of the biggest purchases you’re likely to make. Checking your credit, creating a budget and getting preapproved with a few lenders can up your bargaining power when you hit the dealership. You can learn more about how car loans work and compare other lenders in our full guide here.

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