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How to change your name on a credit card

The process is easy, but tedious if you have many cards.

Card providers make it easy to change your name on your credit cards. But before you start, you must change all your legal documents first.

Reasons to change your name on your credit card

While there are many reasons one might change a name on a credit card, marriage and divorce are among the most common. Another common reason is reverting to your maiden name after the death of your spouse. Whatever your reasons, there may come a time in your life when you want to change your name, which means you’ll have to change it anywhere your previous name is on file – including credit cards.

Documents required to change your name on a credit card

Changing your name on a credit card varies slightly between providers. Before you start, you much first change your name on your Social Insurance Number and on your government-issued IDs (including passport, driver’s license and health card).

Once that’s settled, you can show your updated government ID and change-of-name document to your credit card issuer when you apply to change your name. The change-of-name documents you use will vary based on the reason you are changing your name:

Reason for changing your nameRequired document
Misspelling on your accountBirth certificate
MarriageMarriage certificate
DivorceDivorce decree
Legal court orderLegal Change-of-Name Document
AdoptionAdoption order

How to change your name on a bank-issued credit card

Canadian banks generally have similar procedures in place for name changes. You’ll usually be required to go into a bank branch so a teller can verify your identity in-person. The process will likely follow these steps:

  1. Gather government-issued ID showing your new name and your change-of-name document
  2. Go into a bank branch
  3. Fill out the appropriate paperwork
  4. Submit copies of your ID and other documents to your bank

What about online banks?

If you’re one of the many Canadians who has opted to bank with an online bank, like Tangerine for example, the process differs from other banks. You’ll likely be required to call your bank’s customer service representative to begin the name change process. Afterwards, you’ll could be required to mail or fax in copies of any supporting documents, like your ID and change-of-name documents.

If you’re banking with Tangerine, you can call 1-888-826-4374 to change your name.

How to change your name on a non-bank credit card

The name change process will vary depending on the company. Because these companies don’t have branches like banks do, the process usually involves both talking to someone over the phone and faxing in documents, or uploading documents to an online portal.

American Express name change

Changing your name with American Express is fairly easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Name Change Authorization form from American Express’ website.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Log in to your American Express My Account.
  4. Upload the completed form to the Document Centre.
  5. Upload your supporting change-of-name documentation.
  6. Submit.

You can also mail your completed form and copies of supporting documents to American Express at, Amex Bank of Canada, PO box 3204 STN F, Toronto, ON, M1W 3W7. Alternatively, you can fax the documents to 1-888-843-9523.

Follow-up steps

Once you have updated your name in all your legal documents and with your card providers, reach out to all two major credit bureaus – Equifax and TransUnion – to make sure they have updated your new name.

Next, you should update your name with all other institutions like banks, insurance companies or other companies you have any relation with.

Bottom line

No matter the reason for your name change, you can easily update your credit cards with your new name. All you have to do is reach out to your bank and send them copies of legal documents that reflect your name change.

Once that’s settled, you can freely apply for a new credit card and your new name will appear on all of them.

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