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Order a rapid antigen test and get your results certified by a trained professional with this at-home test kit.

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Go Test Rapide lets you order rapid antigen COVID-19 tests online for delivery to your front door. From there, you simply book an appointment online to go through your test with a trained medical professional and get the certified results straight to your inbox. Find out more about Go Test Rapide and learn how to order your COVID-19 test kit today.

What is Go Test Rapide?

Go Test Rapide is a Canada-wide distributor that sells rapid antigen tests in its online store or through pick-up points in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. At-home tests must be used under the guidance of a trained professional through a telehealth appointment. You’ll then get your test results certified to show your status for work, school, travel or your own personal records.

What types of at-home COVID-19 tests can I get from Go Test Rapide?

Go Test Rapide currently only sells one type of at-home COVID-19 test. You can also visit a drive-in clinic in select cities to get a PCR or molecular test.

NameUseCollection methodSpeedAccuracyCost & minimum orderShipping
Rapid antigen telehealth COVID-19 testsIntended for medical useNasal swab20 minutesUsually over 90% accurateBuy 1 for $65, 3 for $125 or 5 for $275. This price includes required telehealth appointment(s).Shipping costs are calculated at checkout or you can pick your test kit up in person if you live near a service location.

Can Go Test Rapide at-home tests be used for travel?

Go Test Rapide’s at-home COVID-19 tests can be used to travel to destinations that accept rapid antigen tests as proof of a negative result. However, you’ll want to make sure you check the COVID-19 screening requirements for the place you want to visit regularly to comply with the shifting nature of test requirements.

What type of test do I need if rapid antigen tests aren’t accepted?

You’ll probably need one of the following types of tests to travel to destinations that don’t accept rapid antigen tests:

  1. PCR – polymerase chain reaction
  2. Nucleic acid test (NAT) or nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT)
  3. Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP)

Go Test Rapide offers PCR and molecular tests at its drive-in clinics in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver (after purchasing a test online).

How do Go Test Rapide home tests work?

You’ll have to follow these steps to get your results for a rapid antigen test from Go Test Rapide:

  1. Call into your telehealth appointment. Call in to get instructions from a trained professional who will walk you through your test.
  2. Collect your sample. You’ll usually need to take a nasal swab and put it in a test tube filled with buffer liquid.
  3. Test your sample. Your telehealth provider will instruct you to put a few drops of your processed sample onto a test card that comes with your kit.
  4. Interpret your results. You can read the test card panel after 15 minutes to find out if your results are positive, negative or invalid according to the legend below.

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COVID tests for travel

What is the Go Test Rapide refund policy?

If your Tele-Test Service order is unopened you are entitled to a full refund less shipping fees. Go Test Rapide must be notified within the first 24 hours of delivery or pick-up for your order to be eligible for a full refund. To start a return, you can contact them at admin@gotestrapide.com. If your return is accepted, they will send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to to Go Test Rapide without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

Go Test Rapide customer reviews

It’s difficult to find external customer reviews for Go Test Rapide, but the company does have some reviews available on its website. These reviews praise the company for its quick delivery, easy appointment system and convenient at-home access to COVID-19 test kits with certified results.

Is the Go Test Rapide rapid antigen COVID-19 test accurate?

Go Test Rapide offers rapid antigen tests that have a sensitivity rate over 90%. This means the test has a high ability to give someone who has COVID-19 a positive test result. These results are similar to most other rapid antigen tests on the market, which usually have an 85% to 95% accuracy rating.

How long does it take to get results from Go Test Rapide?

You’ll usually be able to access your Go Test Rapide COVID-19 test results in 15 to 20 minutes. This is a typical time span for rapid antigen tests and is much faster than standard PCR tests.

If you go to a Go Test Rapide drive-in clinic to get a PCR or molecular (NAAT) test, you’ll usually need to wait at least 12-24 hours to get your test results.

Pros and cons of Go Test Rapide at-home kits


  • Approved by Health Canada. The company offers tests that are approved by Canada’s Health Agency and have a high accuracy rating.
  • Certified results. Your rapid antigen test results will be certified so that you can use them to show a negative test result for some travel destinations.
  • Fast delivery. You’ll usually get your test kit shipped out in 1-2 business days for most locations in Canada.
  • Easy to book appointments. You can book your appointment to get a trained professional to oversee your test as soon as it’s delivered.


  • Expensive. These tests are more expensive than other forms of rapid antigen tests because you get your results certified by a professional.
  • Shipping fees. You’ll have to cover shipping fees to get your products delivered.
  • No refunds or exchanges. There are absolutely no refunds for Tele-Test kits, though you can return other home-test kits within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Limited use for travel. Many travel destinations request at least a PCR test for travel so a rapid antigen test might not be enough.
  • Few customer reviews. There are very few customer reviews for Go Test Rapide online to help showcase how the company performs.

Our verdict: Is Go Test Rapide any good?

Go Test Rapide may be a good fit for you if you need certified or documented COVID-19 test results with high accuracy.

This provider may not be a good fit if you want the cheapest test on the market or you’re travelling to a destination that doesn’t accept rapid antigen tests.

This product offers online payment and fast delivery but offers no refunds for Tele-Test kits.

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