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List of movies available on Disney+ in Canada

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There are 800 movies on Disney+.
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Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame2019Superhero Fantasy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel2019Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Iron Man 32013Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22017Superhero Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' The Avengers2012Superhero Fantasy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World2013Superhero Fantasy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Captain America: Civil War2016Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Avengers: Age of Ultron2015Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy2014Superhero Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Thor2011Superhero Fantasy Action-Adventure
Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange2016Superhero Fantasy Action-Adventure
Marvel Studios' Captain America: The First Avenger2011Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Iron Man 22010Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Ant-Man2015Superhero Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Iron Man2008Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios' Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe2019Documentary
Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe2014Documentary Superhero Action-Adventure
Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors2018Superhero Coming of age Animation Action-Adventure
Free Solo2018Documentary Action-Adventure Sports
Science Fair2018Documentary Family
How Dogs Got Their Shapes2016Documentary Family Animals & Nature
The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great2019Documentary Historical
World's Greatest Dogs2015Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Secrets of Christ's Tomb: Explorer Special2017Documentary Historical
Titanic: 20 Years Later With James Cameron2017Documentary Historical
Stonehenge Decoded: Secrets Revealed2008Documentary
Expedition Mars: Spirit & Opportunity2019Documentary
Mars: Inside SpaceX2018Documentary
Man Among Cheetahs2017Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Tree Climbing Lions2018Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Winged Seduction: Birds of Paradise2012Documentary Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Earth Live2017Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Into the Grand Canyon2019Travel Documentary Action-Adventure
Sea of Hope: America's Underwater Treasures2017Documentary Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Kingdom of the Blue Whale2009Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Incredible! The Story of Dr. Pol2015Documentary Family Biographical Animals & Nature
Miracle Landing on the Hudson2014Documentary Action-Adventure
Breaking22017Documentary Sports
Journey to Shark Eden2010Documentary Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Sharks of Lost Island2013Documentary Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Kingdom of the Apes: Battle Lines2017Documentary Animals & Nature
Secrets of the King Cobra2012Documentary Animals & Nature
Planet of the Birds2018Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Jingle Pols2013Documentary Medical Animals & Nature
The Incredible Dr. Pol: Blue Ribbon Kids2016Documentary Family Medical Animals & Nature
Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV)1977Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V)1980Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Episode VI)1983Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Episode I)1999Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (Episode II)2002Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode III)2005Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII)2015Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Star Wars: The Clone Wars2007Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy2004Documentary
LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles - Raid on Coruscant2014Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles – Race for the Holocrons2014Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles – Escape from the Jedi Temple2014Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles - Clash of the Skywalkers2014Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles – Duel of the Skywalkers2014Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Finding Dory2016Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Monsters University2013Coming of age Animation Comedy Buddy
Toy Story 32010Drama Thriller Family Animation Comedy
Cars2006Family Animation Comedy Sports
Cars 22011Spy/Espionage Family Animation Comedy Sports
Inside Out2015Coming of age Family Animation
Cars 32017Family Animation Comedy Sports
Toy Story1995Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Buddy
Finding Nemo2003Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Monsters, Inc.2001Family Animation Comedy Buddy
Toy Story 21999Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Up2009Drama Family Animation Action-Adventure Buddy
The Incredibles2004Superhero Family Animation Action-Adventure
WALL-E2008Family Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Brave2012Coming of age Fantasy Family Animation
Ratatouille2007Family Animation Comedy
A Bug's Life1998Family Animation Comedy
The Good Dinosaur2015Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Buddy
Forky Asks a Question: What is a Friend?2019Family Animation Comedy
Float2019Fantasy Family Animation
Purl2019Family Animation Comedy
Kitbull2019Family Animation Comedy Buddy
Forky Asks a Question: What is Money?2019Family Animation Comedy
Smash and Grab2019Animation Survival Buddy Science Fiction
Forky Asks a Question: What is a Leader?2019Family Animation Comedy
Wind2019Fantasy Family Animation Survival
Forky Asks a Question: What is a Computer?2019Family Animation Comedy
Forky Asks a Question: What is Love?2019Family Animation Comedy
Forky Asks a Question: What is Time?2019Family Animation Comedy
Forky Asks a Question: What is Art?2019Family Animation Comedy
Bao2018Fantasy Family Animation Kids
La Luna2012Coming of age Family Animation Kids
Jack-Jack Attack2005Fantasy Family Animation Comedy
For the Birds2001Family Animation Comedy Kids
Piper2016Family Animation Animals & Nature Kids
Mike's New Car2002Family Animation Comedy Kids Buddy
Boundin'2004Family Animation Kids
Luxo Jr.1986Family Animation Comedy Kids
BURN-E2008Family Animation Comedy Kids Science Fiction
Presto2008Family Animation Kids
Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation2011Family Animation Comedy Kids
Toy Story Toons: Small Fry2011Family Animation Kids
Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex2012Family Animation Comedy Kids
Cars Toon: Mater the Greater2008Family Animation Comedy Kids
Cars Toon: El Materdor2008Family Animation Comedy Sports
Cars Toon: Tokyo Mater2008Family Animation Sports
Cars Toon: Heavy Metal Mater2010Family Animation Comedy Musical Kids
Cars Toon: Mater Private Eye2010Parody Family Animation Mystery Film Noir Kids
Cars Toon: Air Mater2011Family Animation Comedy Kids
Cars Toon: Hiccups2013Family Animation Comedy
Cars Toons: Bugged2013Family Animation
Cars Toon: Spinning2013Family Animation
Cars Toon: The Radiator Springs 500 1/22014Family Animation Comedy Kids Sports
Mater and the Ghostlight2006Family Animation Comedy Kids
Your Friend the Rat2007Family Animation Comedy Kids
The Adventures of André & Wally B.1984Animation Kids
Red's Dream1987Drama Fantasy Family Animation Kids
Tin Toy1988Family Animation Kids
Knick Knack Theatrical Short2003Family Animation Kids
Geri's Game1997Family Animation Kids Sports
One Man Band2006Music Family Animation Comedy
Lifted2006Family Animation Comedy Kids Science Fiction
The Pixar Story2007Documentary Family
The Blue Umbrella2013Romance Family Animation Kids
Coco2017Music Fantasy Family Animation
Lou2017Family Animation Comedy Kids Action-Adventure
Auntie Edna2018Superhero Family Animation Comedy
Lady and the Tramp2019Romance Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Noelle2019Fantasy Family Comedy
Dumbo (2019)2019Fantasy Action-Adventure
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011Fantasy Action-Adventure
Mary Poppins1964Fantasy Family Musical
The Muppets2011Family Comedy Musical Kids
Secretariat2010Drama Biographical Historical Animals & Nature Sports
National Treasure: Book of Secrets2007Thriller Mystery Action-Adventure
Tron: Legacy2010Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Santa Clause1994Fantasy Family Comedy
Saving Mr. Banks2013Drama Biographical Historical
Remember the Titans2000Drama Historical Sports
Alice in Wonderland (2010)2010Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Muppets Most Wanted2014Family Comedy Musical Kids Action-Adventure
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe2005Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
The Game Plan2007Family Comedy Sports
The Princess Diaries2001Family Comedy
Pete's Dragon (2016)2016Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
The BFG2016Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause2006Fantasy Family Comedy
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian2008Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
The Finest Hours2016Drama Disaster Survival Historical Action-Adventure
The Parent Trap (1998)1998Romance Family Comedy
The Santa Clause 22002Fantasy Family Comedy
Freaky Friday (2003)2003Fantasy Family Comedy
Disney Descendants2015Coming of age Fantasy Musical
Descendants 22017Coming of age Fantasy Musical
High School Musical2006Romantic Comedy Coming of age Musical
Teen Beach Movie2013Coming of age Fantasy Musical
Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension2011Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
High School Musical 22007Musical
Lemonade Mouth2011Drama Coming of age Music Musical
Z-O-M-B-I-E-S2018Coming of age Musical Science Fiction
Camp Rock2008Coming of age Music Musical
Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam2010Coming of age Music Musical
Teen Beach 22015Fantasy Musical
Halloweentown1998Coming of age Fantasy Comedy Action-Adventure
Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie2009Coming of age Fantasy Comedy Action-Adventure
Let it Shine2012Drama Coming of age Music Musical
Princess Protection Program2009Spy/Espionage Coming of age Comedy Buddy
Geek Charming2011Drama Coming of age Comedy
Cloud 92014Sports
Frenemies2012Drama Coming of age Anthology Comedy
Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge2001Fantasy Action-Adventure
Disney Girl vs. Monster2012Fantasy Comedy Action-Adventure
Freaky Friday (2018)2018Coming of age Fantasy Comedy Musical
Disney Avalon High2010Coming of age Fantasy
The Suite Life Movie2011Coming of age Comedy
Disney Adventures in Babysitting (2016)2016Coming of age Comedy Action-Adventure
How to Build a Better Boy2014Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Little Mermaid1989Fantasy Romance Family Animation Musical
Frozen2013Fantasy Animation Musical Kids
Moana2016Fantasy Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Tangled2010Fantasy Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
The Lion King: The Walt Disney Signature Collection1994Coming of age Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Big Hero 62014Superhero Family Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Zootopia2016Police/Cop Family Animation Comedy
Aladdin (1992)1992Fantasy Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Beauty and the Beast (1991)1991Fantasy Romance Family Animation Musical
Wreck-It Ralph2012Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
The Jungle Book (1967)1967Family Animation Action-Adventure
Cinderella (1950)1950Fantasy Romance Family Animation Musical
Lilo & Stitch2002Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs1937Fantasy Family Animation
Sleeping Beauty1959Fantasy Romance Family Animation
Bambi1942Drama Family Animation
Winnie the Pooh2011Animation Musical Kids
Lady and the Tramp1955Romance Family Animation Action-Adventure
Peter Pan1953Fantasy Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
One Hundred and One Dalmatians1961Family Animation Action-Adventure
Pinocchio1940Fantasy Family Animation Musical
Mulan1998Coming of age Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Dumbo (1941)1941Family Animation
Bolt2008Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
The Aristocats1970Family Animation Comedy Musical Action-Adventure
Robin Hood1973Family Animation Action-Adventure
Pocahontas1995Romance Family Animation Historical Action-Adventure
The Hunchback of Notre Dame1996Romance Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Hercules1997Coming of age Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Fantasia1940Fantasy Family Animation Musical
Alice in Wonderland (1951)1951Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
The Sword in the Stone1963Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
The Rescuers1977Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
The Three Caballeros1945Family Animation Musical
Fun and Fancy Free1947Fantasy Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Steamboat Willie1928Family Animation Kids
Ye Olden Days1933Family Animation Comedy
The Band Concert1935Music Family Animation Kids
Mickey's Rival1936Family Animation Comedy
Thru the Mirror1936Parody Fantasy Family Animation
Magician Mickey1937Family Animation Comedy
Lonesome Ghosts1937Family Animation Kids
Clock Cleaners1937Family Animation Comedy
Mickey's Trailer1938Family Animation
Society Dog Show1939Family Animation Comedy
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip1940Family Animation
Tugboat Mickey1940Family Animation
Canine Caddy1941Family Animation
The Little Whirlwind1941Family Animation Kids
Lend a Paw1941Family Animation Kids
Mickey's Birthday Party1942Family Animation
Mickey's Delayed Date1947Romance Family Animation
Mickey Down Under1948Family Animation
Pluto's Christmas Tree1952Family Animation Kids
The Simple Things1953Family Animation
Mickey's Christmas Carol1983Fantasy Family Animation
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas1999Anthology Family Animation Comedy
Fantasia 20002000Fantasy Family Animation Musical
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas2004Anthology Family Animation Comedy
Happy Birthday, Mickey!2019Music Dance Animation Comedy
Newsies1992Drama Coming of age Family Musical Historical
Hocus Pocus1993Fantasy Family Comedy
Flubber1997Family Comedy Science Fiction
Mighty Joe Young1998Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
A Goofy Movie1995Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid1992Family Comedy Science Fiction
Inspector Gadget1999Police/Cop Family Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Blank Check1994Family Comedy
White Fang1991Drama Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Heavyweights1995Family Comedy
Iron Will1994Coming of age Family Action-Adventure Sports
Tall Tale1995Western Action-Adventure
Johnny Tsunami1999Drama Coming of age Sports
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century1999Coming of age Comedy Science Fiction
Brink!1998Drama Coming of age Sports
The Princess and the Frog2009Fantasy Family Animation Comedy Musical
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas1997Fantasy Romance Family Animation Musical
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea2000Drama Fantasy Animation Musical
Once Upon a Mattress2005Fantasy Family Comedy Musical
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil2019Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX)2019Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Onward2020Fantasy Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Frozen II2019Fantasy Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Toy Story 42019Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII)2017Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Lion King2019Drama Coming of age Family Musical Action-Adventure
Marvel Studios' Black Panther2018Superhero Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Aladdin (2019)2019Fantasy Romance Family Musical Action-Adventure
Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made2020Family Mystery Comedy Buddy
Lamp Life2020Family Animation Comedy
Togo2019Family Survival Historical Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
National Treasure2004Thriller Mystery Action-Adventure
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement2004Romantic Comedy Romance Family Comedy
Olaf's Frozen Adventure2017Fantasy Family Animation Comedy Musical
10 Things I Hate About You1999Romantic Comedy Coming of age Romance Comedy
Who Framed Roger Rabbit1988Parody Crime Mystery Comedy Film Noir
A Wrinkle in Time2018Coming of age Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Beauty and the Beast (2017)2017Fantasy Romance Family Musical
Maleficent2014Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales2017Fantasy Action-Adventure
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl2003Fantasy Action-Adventure
The Black Cauldron1985Coming of age Fantasy Animation Action-Adventure
The Jungle Book (2016)2016Coming of age Family Action-Adventure
The Muppet Christmas Carol1992Drama Fantasy Family Comedy Musical
Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok2017Superhero Fantasy Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Santa's Workshop1932Fantasy Family Animation
Babes in the Woods1932Fantasy Family Animation
Flowers and Trees1932Romance Family Animation Kids
The Pied Piper1933Family Animation Musical
Three Little Pigs1933Family Animation Kids
The Big Bad Wolf1934Family Animation Musical
Grasshopper and the Ants1934Music Family Animation
The Goddess of Spring1934Fantasy Family Animation Musical
The Wise Little Hen1934Family Animation Kids
On Ice1935Family Animation
The Tortoise and the Hare1935Family Animation Sports
The Golden Touch1935Fantasy Family Animation Musical
Elmer Elephant1936Family Animation
Three Little Wolves1936Family Animation
Three Blind Mouseketeers1936Parody Family Animation
Toby Tortoise Returns1936Family Animation Sports
The Old Mill1937Family Animation Action-Adventure
Ferdinand the Bull1938Family Animation Comedy
Sea Scouts1939Animation
Beach Picnic1939Family Animation
The Hockey Champ1939Family Animation Comedy Sports
The Ugly Duckling1939Family Animation
Donald's Dog Laundry1940Family Animation
Mr. Duck Steps Out1940Romance Family Animation
Swiss Family Robinson (1940)1940Family Survival Action-Adventure
Early to Bed1941Family Animation
The Art of Skiing1941Family Animation Comedy Sports
Chef Donald1941Family Animation Comedy Kids
The Reluctant Dragon1941Family Animation Comedy
How to Play Baseball1942Family Animation Sports
How to Swim1942Parody Family Animation
How to Fish1942Parody Family Animation
The Olympic Champ1942Family Animation Sports
Donald's Tire Trouble1943Family Animation
Saludos Amigos1943Family Animation Comedy Kids
How To Play Football1944Parody Family Animation Sports
Double Dribble1946Family Animation Sports
A Knight for a Day1946Parody Family Animation Sports
Chip an' Dale1947Family Animation Comedy
Mail Dog1947Family Animation
Rescue Dog1947Family Animation
Miracle on 34th Street1947Drama Family
Mickey and the Seal1948Family Animation
Pluto's Purchase1948Family Animation
Bone Bandit1948Family Animation
Melody Time1948Anthology Family Animation
All in a Nutshell1949Family Animation
Winter Storage1949Family Animation
Pluto's Sweater1949Family Animation
Pluto's Surprise Package1949Family Animation
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad1949Thriller Anthology Family Animation Action-Adventure
In Beaver Valley1950Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Food for Feudin'1950Family Animation Comedy
Pluto and the Gopher1950Family Animation
Trailer Horn1950Family Animation
Treasure Island1950Family Action-Adventure
Nature's Half Acre1951Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Out of Scale1951Family Animation
Water Birds1952Documentary Family Animals & Nature
The Olympic Elk1952Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Let's Stick Together1952Family Animation
Pluto's Party1952Family Animation
Lambert, The Sheepish Lion1952Family Animation
The Story of Robin Hood And His Merrie Men1952Family Action-Adventure
Prowlers of the Everglades1953Documentary Animals & Nature
Don's Fountain of Youth1953Family Animation
The New Neighbor1953Family Animation
The Living Desert1953Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Dragon Around1954Family Animation
Grand Canyonscope1954Family Animation
The Vanishing Prairie1954Documentary Family Animals & Nature
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1954Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Beezy Bear1955Family Animation
Bearly Asleep1955Family Animation
The African Lion1955Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier1955Family Historical Action-Adventure
Secrets of Life1956Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Davy Crockett and the River Pirates1956Family Historical Action-Adventure
Perri1957Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Old Yeller1957Western Drama Family Animals & Nature
The Shaggy Dog (1959)1959Fantasy Family Comedy
Journey to the Center of the Earth1959Family Survival Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Darby O'Gill and the Little People1959Fantasy Romance Family
The Sign of Zorro1960Western Drama Family Action-Adventure
Pollyanna1960Drama Coming of age Family
Jungle Cat1960Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Swiss Family Robinson (1960)1960Family Survival Action-Adventure
Babes in Toyland1961Fantasy Family Musical
Greyfriars Bobby1961Drama Family Historical Animals & Nature
The Absent-Minded Professor1961Family Comedy Science Fiction
The Parent Trap (1961)1961Romance Family Comedy
Sammy, The Way-Out Seal1962Family Comedy Animals & Nature
Almost Angels1962Drama Coming of age Music Family
The Prince and the Pauper1962Coming of age Family Historical Action-Adventure
The Incredible Journey1963Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
The Moon-Spinners1964Drama Thriller Crime Romance Mystery
Emil and the Detectives1964Crime Family Action-Adventure
The Sound of Music1965Music Family Musical Biographical Historical
That Darn Cat! (1965)1965Police/Cop Family Comedy Animals & Nature
Those Calloways1965Drama Family Animals & Nature
The Ugly Dachshund1966Family Comedy Animals & Nature
The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin1967Western Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Blackbeard's Ghost1968Fantasy Family Comedy
Hello, Dolly!1969Romantic Comedy Comedy Musical
My Dog, the Thief1969Family Comedy Action-Adventure
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes1969Crime Comedy Science Fiction
The Love Bug (1969)1969Family Comedy Action-Adventure Sports
Hacksaw1971Western Family Animals & Nature Sports
Bedknobs and Broomsticks1971Fantasy Family Comedy Musical
The Million Dollar Duck1971Family Comedy
Justin Morgan had a Horse1972Family Animals & Nature
Snowball Express1972Family Comedy Sports
The Biscuit Eater1972Drama Family Animals & Nature
The Bears and I1974Drama Family Animals & Nature
Herbie Rides Again1974Romantic Comedy Family Comedy
The Castaway Cowboy1974Western Family Action-Adventure
The Boy Who Talked to Badgers1975Drama Family Survival Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Escape to Witch Mountain1975Fantasy Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Strongest Man in the World1975Family Comedy Science Fiction
The Apple Dumpling Gang1975Western Family Comedy
Gus1976Family Comedy Animals & Nature Sports
Treasure of Matecumbe1976Family Mystery Action-Adventure
Freaky Friday (1977)1976Fantasy Family Comedy
The Shaggy D.A.1976Fantasy Family Comedy
A Tale of Two Critters1977Family Animals & Nature
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh1977Animation Kids
Pete's Dragon (1977)1977Fantasy Family Musical Action-Adventure
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo1977Romantic Comedy Family Comedy Action-Adventure
The Small One1978Family Animation Historical
The Cat from Outer Space1978Family Comedy Science Fiction
Return from Witch Mountain1978Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Candleshoe1978Coming of age Crime Family Comedy
The Muppet Movie1979Family Comedy Musical Action-Adventure
The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again1979Western Family Comedy
Unidentified Flying Oddball1979Fantasy Family Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Black Hole1979Thriller Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Herbie Goes Bananas1980Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Sultan and the Rock Star1980Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
The Ghosts of Buxley Hall1980Fantasy Family Comedy
The Fox and the Hound1981Drama Family Animation Action-Adventure Buddy
Amy1981Drama Family
The Great Muppet Caper1981Crime Family Mystery Comedy
Tron1982Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Splash1984Romantic Comedy Fantasy Romance Comedy
Frankenweenie (Short)1984Parody Drama Science Fiction
One Magic Christmas1985Drama Fantasy
The Journey of Natty Gann1985Drama Coming of age Action-Adventure
Return to Oz1985Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Flight of the Navigator1986Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Fuzzbucket1986Coming of age Family Comedy Buddy Science Fiction
Mr. Boogedy1986Fantasy Comedy
Casebusters1986Drama Family Mystery
The Christmas Star1986Drama Crime Family
The Great Mouse Detective1986Family Animation Mystery
The Princess Bride1987Fantasy Romance Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Bride of Boogedy1987Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Adventures in Babysitting (1987)1987Coming of age Comedy Action-Adventure
Three Men and a Baby1987Comedy Buddy
Willow1987Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Benji the Hunted1987Family Survival Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Oliver & Company1988Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Big Business1988Comedy
Cheetah1989Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids1989Family Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Turner & Hooch1989Police/Cop Crime Comedy Buddy
Edward Scissorhands1990Fantasy Romance Comedy
Home Alone1990Family Comedy
DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp1990Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
The Rescuers Down Under1990Family Animation Action-Adventure
Three Men and a Little Lady1990Romantic Comedy Romance Comedy Buddy
The Rocketeer1991Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Shipwrecked1991Coming of age Family Action-Adventure
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York1992Family Comedy
The Mighty Ducks1992Drama Comedy Sports
Sister Act1992Music Crime Family Comedy
Mrs. Doubtfire1993Drama Comedy
The Sandlot1993Coming of age Family Comedy Sports
Rookie of the Year1993Family Comedy Sports
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit1993Music Family Comedy
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas1993Fantasy Family Animation Musical
The Three Musketeers1993Romance Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey1993Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Life With Mikey1993Coming of age Family Comedy Buddy
Cool Runnings1993Family Comedy Biographical Sports
The Adventures of Huck Finn1993Drama Coming of age Family Action-Adventure
Thumbelina1994Fantasy Romance Family Animation Musical
Miracle on 34th Street1994Family Comedy
Aladdin: The Return of Jafar1994Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
Camp Nowhere1994Coming of age Family Comedy
D2: The Mighty Ducks1994Drama Family Comedy Sports
A Kid in King Arthur's Court1995Coming of age Fantasy Family Comedy Action-Adventure
While You Were Sleeping1995Romantic Comedy Drama Romance Comedy
The Big Green1995Family Comedy Sports
Frank and Ollie1995Documentary Biographical
Operation Dumbo Drop1995Comedy Historical Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Tom and Huck1995Drama Coming of age Comedy Action-Adventure
101 Dalmatians1996Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Kazaam1996Fantasy Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Mr. Holland's Opus1996Drama Music
Aladdin and the King of Thieves1996Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
First Kid1996Coming of age Family Comedy Buddy
James and the Giant Peach1996Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco1996Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Jack1996Superhero Coming of age Comedy
Muppet Treasure Island1996Romance Family Comedy Action-Adventure
D3: The Mighty Ducks1996Drama Coming of age Family Comedy Sports
Anastasia1997Fantasy Family Animation Musical Historical
Home Alone 31997Family Comedy
Jungle 2 Jungle1997Family Comedy
George of the Jungle1997Family Comedy Action-Adventure
That Darn Cat (1997)1997Police/Cop Family Comedy Animals & Nature
Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin1997Animation Kids Action-Adventure
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves1997Fantasy Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Mr. Magoo1997Crime Comedy Action-Adventure
Doctor Dolittle1998Fantasy Family Comedy
The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story1998Coming of age Family Action-Adventure
The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars1998Animation Kids Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride1998Romance Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World1998Anthology Fantasy Animation
You Lucky Dog1998Fantasy Comedy
Richie Rich's Christmas Wish1998Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Ruby Bridges1998Drama Biographical Historical
Miracle at Midnight1998Drama Historical
I'll Be Home for Christmas1998Coming of age Comedy Action-Adventure
Tarzan1999Coming of age Family Animation Action-Adventure
Never Been Kissed1999Romantic Comedy Coming of age Romance Comedy
Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue1999Animation Action-Adventure
Can of Worms1999Coming of age Comedy Science Fiction
Doug's 1st Movie1999Family Animation Comedy
Horse Sense1999Drama Coming of age
The Thirteenth Year1999Coming of age Fantasy
Don't Look Under the Bed1999Coming of age Fantasy
Smart House1999Drama Coming of age Comedy Science Fiction
Genius1999Coming of age Comedy
Annie1999Drama Family Musical
My Favorite Martian1999Comedy Science Fiction
X-Men2000Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Emperor's New Groove2000Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
The Tigger Movie2000Animation Musical Kids Action-Adventure
Stepsister from Planet Weird2000Family Comedy Science Fiction
The Ultimate Christmas Present2000Coming of age Fantasy Comedy
The Color of Friendship2000Drama Biographical
Dinosaur2000Family Animation Action-Adventure
Rip Girls2000Drama Coming of age
The Other Me2000Coming of age Comedy Science Fiction
Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire2000Fantasy Comedy
Alley Cats Strike!2000Drama Coming of age Sports
Up, Up and Away2000Superhero Coming of age Fantasy Comedy Science Fiction
Miracle in Lane 22000Drama Biographical Sports
Ready to Run2000Coming of age Family Animals & Nature Sports
Quints2000Coming of age Comedy
102 Dalmatians2000Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Whispers: An Elephant's Tale2000Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
An Extremely Goofy Movie2000Family Animation Comedy
Phantom of the Megaplex2000Coming of age Comedy
Disney's The Kid2000Drama Fantasy Family Comedy
Doctor Dolittle 22001Fantasy Family Comedy Animals & Nature
Atlantis: The Lost Empire2001Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Poof Point2001Coming of age Comedy Science Fiction
Three Days2001Drama Fantasy
Zenon: The Zequel2001Comedy Science Fiction
Jumping Ship2001Coming of age Action-Adventure
Luck of the Irish2001Coming of age Fantasy Comedy
Twas the Night2001Crime Fantasy Comedy
Hounded2001Drama Coming of age Comedy Animals & Nature
Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure2001Coming of age Romance Animation Kids Action-Adventure
Motocrossed2001Drama Sports
Recess: School's Out2001Family Animation Comedy Science Fiction
Max Keeble's Big Move2001Family Comedy
Ice Age2002Family Animation Comedy
Peter Pan: Return to Never Land2002Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II2002Romance Family Animation Musical Action-Adventure
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True2002Fantasy Animation Kids
Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year2002Animation Kids
Treasure Planet2002Family Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Get a Clue2002Drama Mystery
The Scream Team2002Fantasy Comedy
Tru Confessions2002Drama Coming of age
Gotta Kick it Up2002Drama Coming of age Dance
Cadet Kelly2002Coming of age Comedy
A Ring of Endless Light2002Drama Coming of age Romance
Tarzan & Jane (2002)2002Animation Action-Adventure
Double Teamed2002Biographical Sports
The Rookie2002Family Biographical Sports
Tuck Everlasting2002Drama Coming of age Fantasy Romance
Snow Dogs2002Family Comedy Animals & Nature Action-Adventure Sports
The Country Bears2002Music Comedy
Cheaper By the Dozen2003Family Comedy
Destino2003Romance Animation
X22003Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Holes2003Drama Coming of age Family Mystery
The Jungle Book 22003Animation Musical Kids Action-Adventure
Piglet's Big Movie2003Animation Kids Action-Adventure
Atlantis: Milo's Return2003Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
Recess: All Growed Down2003Family Animation Comedy
Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-off2003Coming of age Comedy Sports
Right on Track2003Family Buddy Sports
You Wish!2003Drama Coming of age Fantasy
The Young Black Stallion2003Drama Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure2003Animation Action-Adventure
The Cheetah Girls2003Drama Coming of age Music
Recess: Taking the 5th Grade2003Family Animation Comedy
The Even Stevens Movie2003Comedy Action-Adventure
The Lizzie McGuire Movie2003Coming of age Music Romance Family Comedy
Full-Court Miracle2003Drama Coming of age Sports
Inspector Gadget 22003Police/Cop Family Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Brother Bear2003Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
George of the Jungle 22003Family Comedy Action-Adventure
The Haunted Mansion2003Thriller Fantasy Family Comedy
Garfield2004Family Comedy
Around the World in 80 Days2004Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Zenon: Z32004Coming of age Comedy Science Fiction
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen2004Coming of age Comedy
Halloweentown High2004Fantasy Comedy Action-Adventure
Tiger Cruise2004Drama Family
Home on the Range2004Western Family Animation Comedy Musical Kids
Pixel Perfect2004Coming of age Music Comedy Science Fiction
Stuck in the Suburbs2004Coming of age Music Comedy
Sacred Planet2004Documentary Family Animals & Nature
America's Heart & Soul2004Documentary Family
The Lion King 1 1/22004Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Going to the Mat2004Coming of age Sports
Teacher's Pet2004Fantasy Family Animation Comedy
Miracle2004Drama Historical Sports
The Sandlot 22005Comedy Sports
Cheaper by the Dozen 22005Family Comedy
Because of Winn-Dixie2005Drama Family Comedy
Fantastic Four (2005)2005Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Deep Blue2005Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Chicken Little2005Disaster Family Animation Comedy
Tarzan II2005Coming of age Family Animation Action-Adventure
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch2005Dance Family Animation Comedy Kids Science Fiction
Kronk's New Groove2005Coming of age Family Animation Comedy
Valiant2005Family Animation Comedy Historical Action-Adventure
Pooh's Heffalump Movie2005Animation Kids Action-Adventure
Millions2005Drama Family Comedy
The Proud Family Movie2005Family Animation Comedy Science Fiction
Buffalo Dreams2005Drama Coming of age Buddy
Now You See It2005Coming of age Fantasy
Aliens of the Deep2005Documentary Family Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Sky High2005Superhero Family Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Ice Princess2005Coming of age Romance Sports
The Pacifier2005Spy/Espionage Comedy Action-Adventure
Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama2005Coming of age Animation Action-Adventure
Go Figure2005Coming of age Sports
Life is Ruff2005Coming of age Comedy Animals & Nature
Twitches2005Fantasy Comedy
The Greatest Game Ever Played2005Biographical Sports
Herbie: Fully Loaded2005Family Comedy Sports
Night at the Museum2006Fantasy Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Ice Age: The Meltdown2006Family Animation Comedy
X-Men: The Last Stand2006Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Brother Bear 22006Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
Flicka2006Drama Coming of age Family Action-Adventure
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties2006Family Comedy Kids
The Wild2006Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
The Fox and the Hound 22006Animation Action-Adventure Buddy
Read It and Weep2006Drama Coming of age Comedy
Roving Mars2006Documentary Family
Invincible2006Family Biographical Sports
Leroy & Stitch2006Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Cheetah Girls 22006Drama Coming of age Music
Eight Below2006Drama Family Survival Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Return to Halloweentown2006Fantasy Family
Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior2006Coming of age Fantasy Action-Adventure
Bambi II2006Drama Animation Kids
Cow Belles2006Coming of age Comedy
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest2006Fantasy Action-Adventure
Glory Road2006Drama Biographical Sports
The Sandlot: Heading Home2007Comedy
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer2007Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Simpsons Movie2007Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
Meet the Robinsons2007Family Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End2007Fantasy Action-Adventure
Bridge to Terabithia2007Drama Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Cinderella III: A Twist in Time2007Fantasy Romance Animation Kids
Dan in Real Life2007Romantic Comedy Drama Romance Comedy
Snowglobe (2007)2007Romantic Comedy Fantasy Romance Family Comedy
Twitches Too2007Fantasy Comedy
Underdog2007Superhero Parody Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Jump In!2007Coming of age Dance Sports
Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board2007Drama Coming of age Sports
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning2008Drama Music Fantasy Family Animation
Snow Buddies2008Comedy Action-Adventure Sports
High School Musical 3: Senior Year2008Romantic Comedy Coming of age Family Musical
Minutemen2008Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Cheetah Girls: One World2008Coming of age Music Comedy
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert 2008Documentary Music Concert Film
Beverly Hills Chihuahua2008Family Comedy Kids Action-Adventure
Disneynature Crimson Wing2008Documentary Family Animals & Nature
College Road Trip2008Coming of age Family Comedy
Bedtime Stories2008Fantasy Family Comedy
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009Crime Family Animation Comedy
Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs2009Family Animation Comedy
Super Rhino2009Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
X-Men Origins: Wolverine2009Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian2009Fantasy Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Avatar2009Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Disney's A Christmas Carol2009Fantasy Animation
Walt & El Grupo2009Documentary Historical
Hannah Montana The Movie2009Drama Coming of age Music Comedy
Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience2009Documentary Music Concert Film
Bizarre Dinosaurs2009Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Trail of the Panda2009Family Survival Animals & Nature Action-Adventure
Dadnapped2009Mystery Comedy
Skyrunners2009Action-Adventure Science Fiction
The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story2009Documentary Music Biographical
Old Dogs2009Family Comedy Buddy
Space Buddies2009Comedy Action-Adventure
Hatching Pete2009Coming of age Comedy
Race to Witch Mountain2009Thriller Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws2009Fantasy Comedy
The Secret of the Magic Gourd2009Fantasy
G-Force2009Spy/Espionage Family Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief2010Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
Disneynature Oceans2010Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid2010Family Comedy
Disney Den Brother2010Coming of age Comedy
You Again2010Comedy
Starstruck2010Romantic Comedy Coming of age Music Romance Comedy
The Search for Santa Paws2010Drama Fantasy Family
Waking Sleeping Beauty2010Documentary
The Last Song2010Drama Coming of age Music Romance
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time2010Fantasy Action-Adventure
The Sorcerer's Apprentice2010Fantasy Action-Adventure
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules2011Family Comedy
X-Men: First Class2011Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas2011Family Animation Comedy
Disneynature African Cats2011Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure2011Music Comedy
Teen Spirit2011Coming of age Fantasy Comedy Buddy
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 22011Family Comedy Action-Adventure
12 Dates of Christmas2011Romantic Comedy Fantasy Romance Family Comedy
Prom2011Drama Coming of age Comedy
Disneynature Wings of Life2011Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!2011Comedy
Spooky Buddies2011Fantasy Comedy
Mars Needs Moms2011Family Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Maggie Simpson in "The Longest Daycare"2012Animation Comedy
Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days2012Coming of age Family Comedy
Ice Age: Continental Drift2012Family Animation Comedy
Red Tails2012Drama Historical Action-Adventure
Frankenweenie (2012)2012Parody Drama Animation Science Fiction
The Mistle-Tones2012Drama Music
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!2012Coming of age Family Comedy
Disneynature Chimpanzee2012Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups2012Fantasy Musical
Treasure Buddies2012Comedy Action-Adventure
The Odd Life of Timothy Green2012Drama Fantasy Family
John Carter2012Fantasy Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters2013Fantasy Family Action-Adventure
The Wolverine2013Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Planes2013Family Animation Comedy Kids Action-Adventure
The Lone Ranger2013Western Action-Adventure Buddy
Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel2013Superhero Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure
The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex2013Coming of age Fantasy Comedy
Marvel's Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United2013Superhero Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Super Buddies2013Superhero Family Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Oz The Great And Powerful2013Fantasy Action-Adventure
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb2014Fantasy Family Comedy Action-Adventure
Disney Phineas and Ferb: Phineas and Ferb Star Wars2014Parody Animation Musical Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Into the Woods2014Fantasy Musical Action-Adventure
Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop!2014Documentary Family
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day2014Coming of age Comedy
X-Men: Days of Future Past2014Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Million Dollar Arm2014Drama Biographical Sports
Disneynature Bears2014Documentary Family Animals & Nature
The Peanuts Movie2015Family Animation Comedy
Fantastic Four (2015)2015Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Disneynature Monkey Kingdom2015Documentary Family Animals & Nature
McFarland, USA2015Drama Sports
Tomorrowland2015Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Cinderella (2015)2015Fantasy Romance Kids
Strange Magic2015Romantic Comedy Fantasy Family Animation Action-Adventure
Invisible Sister2015Comedy Science Fiction
Disney Bad Hair Day2015Coming of age Comedy Buddy
Eddie the Eagle2016Drama Comedy Biographical Sports
Drain The Ocean: WWII2016Documentary Historical
Ice Age: Collision Course2016Family Animation Comedy Action-Adventure Science Fiction
X-Men: Apocalypse2016Superhero Family Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Alice Through the Looking Glass2016Fantasy Action-Adventure
The Swap2016Coming of age Fantasy Comedy
Inner Workings2016Fantasy Family Animation Comedy
Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade2016Family Animation Comedy
Queen of Katwe2016Drama Biographical Sports
Newsies: The Broadway Musical2017Drama Coming of age Family Musical Historical
Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings2017Family Docuseries Lifestyle
Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic2017Family Docuseries Lifestyle
Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic2017Travel Reality
Tangled Before Ever After2017Coming of age Fantasy Animation
Disneynature Born in China2017Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Dolphin Reef2018Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Disney Under The Sea: A Descendants Short Story2018Thriller Fantasy Musical
Life-Size 22018Coming of age Fantasy Comedy
Disneynature Penguins2019Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri2019Superhero Animation Action-Adventure
Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire2019Superhero Animation Action-Adventure
Marvel Rising: Battle of The Bands2019Superhero Animation Action-Adventure
Forky Asks a Question: What is a Pet?2019Family Animation Comedy
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Special2019Romantic Comedy Documentary Drama Coming of age Music
Arendelle Castle Yule Log2019Family Animation
One Day at Disney2019Documentary Family
Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron2019Superhero Animation Action-Adventure Science Fiction
Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts2019Superhero Animation Action-Adventure
The Wonderful World of Disney Presents The Little Mermaid Live!2019Fantasy Romance Family Musical Concert Film
Descendants 32019Coming of age Fantasy Musical
Kim Possible (2019)2019Coming of age Comedy Action-Adventure
A Celebration of the Music from Coco2020Music Musical Concert Film
Born Wild: The Next Generation2020Documentary Animals & Nature
The Disney Family Singalong2020Music Family Variety
The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II2020Music Family Variety
Diving with Dolphins2020Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Elephant2020Documentary Family Animals & Nature
In the Footsteps of Elephant2020Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Penguins: Life On The Edge2020Documentary Family Animals & Nature
Stargirl2020Drama Coming of age Romance Musical
Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert2020Documentary Music Concert Film

Use this handy guide to the current Disney movies available on the streaming service. These movies are available to view for users from Canada. You can choose your movie based on genre, release year or video quality. Looking for a specific movie or series, use the search function to narrow down your choices for your next movie night!

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