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15-hour Disney+ binge marathon

Give yourself a challenge and binge Disney+ this weekend. Here are a list of shows and movies for a marathon.


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Considering that Disney+ launched just a couple weeks ago, you may not have yet had time to have a good stint on the couch testing it out. You can always make a plan this weekend to binge out on all your favourites.

With hundreds of titles available already we’re sure finding something to watch won’t be an issue. Putting together your watchlist might take you a little while though as you try to prioritize your all-time favs.

Don’t panic if you can’t find a title you’re looking for. You can always personally request Disney to add it along with others.

If you value a critic’s opinion go straight ahead to the top 10 movies on Disney+ according to IMDB. This list is a balance of shows and movies to binge and will consider when you need a break after shedding a tear to or doing a Star Wars marathon.

Oh and we’ve made sure to include no spoilers in our list, just in case you haven’t seen anything.

Disney+ marathon: Start at 9am

Now the key to a nice relaxing weekend is to just relax. That’s why you want to start off with something easy, short and sweet. What’s perfect about Disney is the whole product is largely built on that.

So there’s no right answer here. Go with your all-time favourite, something from your childhood or let the kids choose. For us we’re going to go with the original Jungle Book from 1967.

1. The Jungle Book (1 hr 18 mins)Jungle book

What’s not to love? It’s fun and full of upbeat songs that Disney is known for such as Bare Necessities and I Wanna Be Like You. You’ll then be in the mood for a day full of Disney ahead.

Now we’re through to 10:20am and you should be wide awake. Next up is a combination of Star Wars programming. Why the combo? Well they’re intertwined. Plus you have to start these earlier so you don’t fall behind the rest of the population loving The Mandalorian.

2. Star Wars Return of the Jedi (2 hrs 14 mins)Star wars return of the jedi

Okay now this inclusion is purely so you can be up to speed for The Mandalorian. While Disney hasn’t confirmed that you should watch Return of the Jedi first, the fact is The Mandalorian is set five years after the film.

So sit down and watch some Star Wars first and maybe it could be you that comes up with the next fan theory.

This will also bring you to a lovely little intermission for lunch. Resume from 1pm for The Mandalorian.

3. The Mandalorian – chapters 1, 2, 3 (1 hr 48 mins)Mandalorian

The Mandalorian has gone berserk. This is one of Disney’s key pitches to get people onto Disney+. And so far it has worked, with the series on target to be the most popular Disney show ever.

What’s killing viewers is waiting for the next episode. Luckily once this weekend rolls around there’ll be a few to watch.

It’s now around 2:50pm and your mind was just blown by The Mandalorian. Back to something easier to process.

4. The Simpsons – 2 episodes (48 mins)The Simpsons

The Simpsons is nothing more than the perfect easy-to-watch comedy. It’s a classic that everybody knows and has watched for hours at some point. You can now find 29 seasons of The Simpsons on Disney+.

Pick out episodes from season 20 onwards and refresh your brain with a few laughs.

As the afternoon continues it’s important you don’t become a zombie. Which is why it’s a perfect time for some National Geographic content.

5. How Dogs Got Their Shapes (44 mins)How dogs got their shape

Who doesn’t love dogs? We’re sure that you’re going to learn a thing or two watching this. It could be super helpful if you own a dog as the doc explores how their genetic make-up affects their behaviour. You may finally be exposed to why your dog is super clingy or energetic.

Alright it’s 4:30pm or so. You’ve stood strong for almost eight hours now. Time to be energized by an uplifting story.

6. Marvel’s Hero Project (27 mins)Marvel Hero Project

Another piece of new content thanks to Disney originals. Marvel’s Hero Project tells the story of real life superheroes rather than fictional ones. Follow the journey of kids who have remarkable stories and achieved extraordinary feats.

We must warn you while it’s a feel-good story, this one could be a tear-jerker. Just start off with the first episode. If your heart yearns for more there’s a second which you could watch straight away, if not maybe it’s watchlist material.

It’s right before 5pm if you’ve just opted for the one showing of Hero Project, here’s another Disney original:

7. Lady and The Tramp (1h 44)lady and the tramp disney plus

A continued trend of live action remakes is the new Lady and the Tramp. The original is an all-timer, which is why instead you should give the recent variation a go. Suitable for families or maybe a way to cosy up with a partner, save this one for early evening.

Now it’s 7pm or prime dinner time. You’ve just witnessed the iconic spaghetti scene. Don’t be getting any thoughts, we’re sure that you don’t want pasta all over the floor. While you are cooking though how about a little more family entertainment.

8. Wall-E (1h 43)Wall-E

The story of Wall-E revolves around a machine responsible for cleaning a waste-covered Earth, who one day meets another robot and falls in love. The two set out on a fantastic journey. One of Pixar’s most creative movies, Wall-E will enchant you from the first scene thanks to gorgeous animation and wonderful storytelling. Filled with heart and wonder, the movie is more targeted towards adults, but kids should have fun as well following the robot’s adventures.

Alright almost 9pm and you’ve made it this far. Time to go with a blockbuster.

9. Avengers: Endgame (3 hrs)Avengers

The highest grossing film of all time. The Avengers franchise keeps churning out high-quality films, but another production is yet to be confirmed. Speaking of high quality if you have a compatible device, this movie will look great thanks to Disney+ features.

4K HDR quality resolution paired with Dolby Atmos surround sound and Dolby Vision. Iron Man may as well be standing in your lounge room. Of course if you haven’t yet caught up on Marvel’s other Avengers films hold off and watch them first.

Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just consumed 15 odd hours of Disney+. It’s late and you’ve just sat through a certain scene that broke some hearts. That’ll see many wave the white flag and slip off to bed.

Those that are night owls, we’ve got one program to finish. Go for something a little different, exactly as you would if you were searching for weird YouTube videos.

10. The World According to Jeff Goldblum (30mins)The world according to Jeff Goldblum

Alright, Jeff Goldblum is somewhat popular but it still just seems bizarre Disney gave him his own series. Goldblum will showcase everyday things like sneakers or ice cream and dive deep into the topic.

Considering it’s brand new is the reason you should give the National Geographic content a shot. It’ll be an easy watch that’ll teach you a thing or two.

If you still have anything left in the tank, then hats off to you. You’re a real trooper and definitely trained yourself with years of Netflix. Plus you’ve defeated us as we have nothing left to give. But if you do take a look at the other movies or shows to choose from.

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