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The 10 best TV shows you should be watching on Disney+

A list of the top animated superhero shows and captivating docuseries.


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While princesses and Bambi might be the first thing that come to mind when you think Disney, the media giant has so many TV shows for all kinds of viewers. Thanks to new streaming service Disney+, fans can access shows from National Geographic, to Marvel comics the Disney+ library is packed with hits and hidden gems.

Trying to decide which to watch first? We rely on crowd wisdom to guide us through. These are the highest ranked Disney+ television shows through the ages on IMDb, as of November 2019.

The Mandalorian

1. The Mandalorian – IMDB score 9.1

Cast: Pedro Pascal, Kyle Pacek, Brendan Wayne

The first live-action Star Wars series is here and — according to both fans and critics — it’s glorious. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and follows a lone gunfighter as he makes his way through the outer reaches of the galaxy. The cast includes Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte.

The Mandalorian is splashy and satisfying. It’s tied to the Star Wars universe, but it also has its own look and feel — it’s an old Western set in space. But it manages to carve its own identity. This original Disney+ series has weekly released episodes on the platform.

The Imagineering

2. The Imagineering Story – IMDB score 9.1

Cast: Angela Bassett, Tom Morris, Kevin Rafferty

Crafted with die-hard Disney fans in mind, The Imagineering Story offers an in-depth look at the history and creation of the Walt Disney theme parks around the world. It’s a sentimental docuseries that manages to shine the spotlight on the designers and artists behind the creation of some of the world’s most visited wonderlands.

Narrated by Angela Bassett, the show is a treat for anyone interested in Disney’s rich history. It also looks elegant and polished, courtesy of Academy Award nominee Leslie Iwerks, daughter of Disney legend Don Iwerks. If you want to marvel at Disney’s tremendous attention to detail, The Imagineering Story is definitely worth a stream.

Gravity Falls

3. Gravity Falls – IMDB score 8.9

Cast: Jason Ritter, Alex Hirsch, Kristen Schaal

Clever and funny, Gravity Falls centers on twins Dipper and Mabel, who travel to the mysterious town of Gravity Falls in Oregon for their summer vacations. Once there, they’re surprised to discover some strange occurrences, as the town seems to be full of supernatural creatures.

While you might be tempted to dismiss Gravity Falls as a show targeted to kids, there’s plenty for adults to enjoy, including an exciting mix of scares, laughs and heartwarming stories.

The Simpsons

4. The Simpsons – IMDB score 8.7

Cast: Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer

The Simpsons are an integrated part of pop culture, with 30 seasons under its belt. The sitcom follows working-class father Homer Simpson and his dysfunctional family while they deal with the typical (and not so typical) ups-and-downs of life.

Apart from the unique animation style, the series is so appealing for its bizarre plots, wisecracking kids and gags. What’s not to love? However, despite Disney+ focusing on content for the whole family, The Simpsons isn’t what we’d call kid-friendly.

The Incredible Dr. Pol

5. The Incredible Dr. Pol – IMDB score 8.7

Cast: Jan Pol, Diane Pol, Charles Pol

An educational reality show, this National Geographic production centers on veterinarian Jan Pol, along with his family and employees. Pol runs a clinic in Central Michigan’s farm country and takes care of all sorts of animals, regardless of size. The show follows him as he travels out on farms treating horses and cows, as well as back at his clinic where he sees to smaller pets.

The Incredible Dr. Pol can teach both kids and adults plenty about veterinary medicine. But it doesn’t shy away from showing blood and animals in surgery. Overall, it’s an often uplifting series that delights animal lovers.

So Weird tv show

6. So Weird – IMDB score 8.5

Cast: Cara DeLizia, Mackenzie Phillips, Patrick Levis

The only bad thing about So Weird is that it only lasted for three seasons. The show, which started airing in the late ’90s, follows fourteen-year Fiona, who is on the road with her rock-star mom and loves to uncover paranormal phenomena during her travels. The cast includes Cara DeLizia, Mackenzie Phillips and Patrick Levis.

Often compared the The X-Files during that time, the first two seasons of So Weird are darker than your average Disney Channel series. DeLizia left after Season 2 and was replaced with Alexz Johnson, with the entire show boasting a lighter tone from then on. Still, So Weird features complex mythology, likable characters and original music.

X-men cartoon

7. X-Men: The Animated Series – IMDB score 8.4

Cast: Cedric Smith, Cathal J. Dodd, Lenore Zann

The nostalgia is strong with this one. X-Men: The Animated Series debuted in 1992 and was a fun animated introduction to the world of mutants. The show follows Charles Xavier and his band of mutants as they strike back against corrupt government agencies and extremist Magneto.

From the catchy theme song to the sometimes excessive melodrama to the intriguing story lines, X-Men: The Animated Series played a major role in introducing the universe to noncomic book readers. If you’re craving a trip down memory lane or are simply curious about the animated series which paved the way for the 2000 X-Men film, this one makes for a satisfying binge.

Spiderman cartoon

8. Spider-Man: The Animated Series – IMDB score 8.3

Cast: Christopher Daniel Barnes, Sara Ballantine, Edward Asner

Spider-Man has graced the silver screen ever since the late 60’s, with the hero starring in several animated comic-book adaptations. The ’90s version, however, is widely considered as being among the best. It follows a man with spider-like abilities as he fights crime in New York City, while also struggling to lead a somewhat normal personal life.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series had compelling story arcs, excellent voice acting, and some interesting cameos from other Marvel players like Daredevil or Punisher. It was also widely successful — canceled after five seasons not because of a drop in quality, but due to behind-the-scenes conflicts.

Avengers promo banner

9. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – IMDB score 8.3

Cast: Eric Loomis, Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Brian Bloom

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes follows several beloved comic-book characters, including Hulk, Iron Man and Thor, as they join forces to become the Avengers and fight villains. It’s a fun take on the classic group, perfectly capturing the spirit of the Avengers. They all share the same goals, but their tactics often differ, which makes for exciting storytelling.

The show is a nice blend of humor and action, with complex plots and plenty of thrills to delight both kids and adults. It also features cameos from other players in the Marvel universe, fun for true fans of the franchise.

National Geographic, Brain Games

10. Brain Games – IMDB score 8.3

Cast: Jason Silva, Bert Thomas Morris, Apollo Robbins

A National Geographic show, Brain Games focuses on the science of the brain. Hosted by Jason Silva, the series is full of interactive illusions and experiments meant to showcase the extraordinary ways in which we see and process the world.

Brain Games provides a captivating window into the inner workings of the fascinating organ, encouraging viewers to take on some challenges as well. If you’re a fan of educational series that are also fun to watch, this is right up your alley.

Disclaimer: While we try to keep the information on this page updated, there may be occasional inconsistencies with the titles and services offered by Disney+ in Canada. This is because of complications arising from the global rollout of Disney+ including changing legal agreements between Disney and other service providers. Visit for the latest information.

Image Source: IMDB website

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