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Diallog Internet Review

Get reasonable Internet speeds for an affordable price with this trusted telecom provider. 

You may be able to bundle your plan with a VoIP home phone plan to get free digital phone services for up to three months.

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Unlimited Data

No Contract

Minimum Contract

Product NameDiallog Internet
Speeds6 - 50Mbps MBPS
Unlimited Data

Not available in all regions

Diallog services is available in many parts of Ontario and Quebec, including the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal, Ottawa, Kitchener/Waterloo, Barrie, St. Catharines/Niagara Falls, Guelph, Brantford and more. Depending on your location, you may be eligible for either DSL and/or Cable Internet, with some regions being restricted to one type only.

Offering both DSL and Cable Internet plans, Diallog Internet caters to nearly 10,000 Canadian residences and businesses. Plan speeds and prices vary between DSL and Cable Internet plans. To learn more about their residential DSL and Cable Internet services, continue reading below.

Product details

  • Speed. Ranges from 6–50Mbps for DSL Internet and 5-1000 Mbps for Cable Internet.
  • Starting price. Starts from $25 per month for a DSL plan (plus a $10-$15 dry loop fee) and $30 per month for a Cable Internet plan.
  • Minimum contract. This provider only offers month-to-month plans with no long-term contracts needed.
  • Offers. You may be able to bundle your plan with a VoIP home phone plan to get free digital phone services for up to three months.

What is Diallog?

Diallog is a DSL and Cable Internet service provider that offers reasonable Internet speeds to small to medium-sized households. Every Diallog plan includes unlimited data and comes with a free modem rental and 24/7 technical support.

There are no locked-in contracts with this provider, which means you can cancel at any time without penalty. You may also be able to pair Diallog Internet plans with a VoIP phone bundle to get free digital phone services for up to three months.

Just be aware that Diallog does not service all locations with all of their DSL and Cable Internal plans. In order to determine if your address qualifies for their DSL and/or Cable Internet plans, you will need to fill in the online form on their website. Diallog will then let you know which plan(s) your address is eligible for.

Which provinces offer Diallog Internet services?

You can sign up for Diallog Internet in Ontario and Quebec. You won’t be able to access its services if you live in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or the Territories.

What Diallog Internet plans can I take advantage of?

DSL Internet

Diallog offers DSL Internet packages to residential areas. These plans are outlined below:

Plan name and speed

Monthly price

Household size

Best for

Ultimate 50Mbps plan


Up to 4 people

Moderate speed for small and medium-sized households that allows for basic Internet use and streaming.

Plus 25Mbps plan


1 to 2 people

Moderate speed for small households, allowing for fast streaming and business Internet use.

Starter 15Mbps plan


1 to 2 people

Fairly low speed that’s designed for basic Internet use in urban and rural areas.

Basic 6Mbps plan

$25 (+ $10-$15 dry loop fee)

1 to 2 people

Low speed that’s designed for rural households and those that can’t accommodate higher speeds.

Cable Internet

Diallog also offers Cable and cCable Internet packages to residential areas. These plans are outlined below:

Plan name

Monthly price

Speed (download/upload)

Cable Gigabit


1000/30 Mbps

cCable Extreme


360/30 Mbps

Cable Extreme


500/20 Mbps

Cable Ultimate


150/15 Mbps

cCable Ultimate

$70120/10 Mbps

Cable Plus


75/10 Mbps

cCable Plus

$5560/10 Mbps

Cable Starter


30/5 Mbps

cCable Starter

$4540/10 Mbps

Cable Basic


5/1 Mbps

cCable Basic

$3515/2 Mbps

Note: Internet services with Diallog are subject to availability. Where you live in Canada could impact your eligibility for Diallog’s service.

Upfront Costs

The upfront cost is as follows if you choose to use a Diallog provided modem and router:

  • Cable line installation fee: $50 plus tax
  • Modem/router rental and shipping: $50 refundable deposit
  • Upfront payment: One month of service plus tax is payable upfront

The upfront cost is as follows if you choose to use your own modem and router:

  • Cable line installation fee: $90 plus tax
  • Upfront payment: One month of service plus tax is payable upfront

Does Diallog allow bundling?

Diallog allows bundling if you package your Diallog Internet with your VoIP home phone service. Unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for any welcome bonuses or promotional deals beyond this offer when you sign up for Diallog Internet. This is because Diallog already offers very low prices for its Internet services.

What other features should I know about?

Diallog Internet offers a number of benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • Easy to sign up. All you need to do is fill in the online application and submit your order to get the sign-up process started.
  • Modem is included. There’s no additional monthly fee or one-time cost to rent or purchase a modem.
  • Bundling services. You may be able to enjoy discounts on your digital home phone or VoIP services when you sign up for a bundled deal.
  • Unlimited data. Every Diallog Internet plan comes with unlimited Internet, so you’ll never have to worry about overage charges.
  • No term contract. Unlike major internet providers who waive the installation fee in exchange for signing on for a 2 year term, Diallog charge an installation fee of $50 and there is no contractual commitment – meaning you can cancel at any time.
  • No cancellation fees. Diallog offers its plans on a month-to-month contract, so you won’t have to pay cancellation fees.
  • 24/7 technical support. You can call into Diallog at any time of day or night to get help with your Diallog Internet services.

What to watch out for

  • Limited availability. Even if you live in the serviceable provinces (Ontario and Quebec), your address may not qualify for all of the Diallog plans. You will need to provide them with your address, and they will confirm which plan(s) you qualify for.
  • Installation fees. You’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $50 to get your DSL line installed at your residence – however this price may offset the fact that there are no contractual obligations when signing on with Diallog.
  • Not available in some provinces. You can only sign up for Diallog Internet if you live in Ontario or Quebec. That said, Diallog plans to expand into more regions in the future.
  • Limited extras. There are limited options for extras like Internet security packages or wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage.

How do I sign up with Diallog?

  1. Click the green ‘Go to site’ button to be securely redirected to Diallogs website. Enter your information, including your address.
  2. Diallog will use your residential address to determine what Internet packages your location qualifies for. If they are not able to service your address at all, they will notify you by email.
  3. If your address qualifies for one of the plans, you can then sign the service agreement and provide your up front payment.
  4. Schedule a time to set up the service at your home.

Bottom line

Diallog is an online Internet provider that provides reasonable speed DSL and Cable Internet services at an affordable price. DSL Internet plans start at $25 (plus a $10-$15 dry loop fee) per month, while Cable Internet plans start at $30 per month. All plans come with a free modem, no contracts, 24/7 customer service and unlimited data. Just be aware that you’ll have to pay an installation fee to get started, and that Diallog cannot service all addresses in Quebec and Ontario equally. You will need to confirm what plans your home qualifies for.

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