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Cryptovoxels guide

How to play and earn in this user-owned NFT metaverse

Cryptovoxels is a play-to-earn, virtual reality game. People can play it on the web, as well as Android. The game includes a token – the Cryptovoxels Parcel – that is tradeable on the platform and the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Gameplay involves making financial decisions such as buying and selling land, leasing land to developers, and auctioning the game’s token, which can all be done on the platform’s marketplace.

Players can create collections that can be auctioned on OpenSea. Although players need to buy parcels to access play-to-earn features, you can still access basic features such as characters and access to events without paying.

Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrency or any specific provider, service or offering. It is not a recommendation to trade.

What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world – a metaverse – built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a creation of Nolan Consulting, a game development company based in New Zealand.

Within Cryptovoxels is Origin City, which is owned by “The Corporation”. Then, there are parcels of land owned by individuals. Landowners can build on their land, create blocks, remove blocks, and add features such as audio and images. They may even offer their land for free for community development. You can buy land within Cryptovoxels if you have an Ethereum wallet.

Cryptovoxels can be played on most JavaScript-enabled web browsers, including Firefox, Opera and Chrome. You can control the game’s characters using a mouse and keyboard. Cryptovoxels is also compatible with VR headsets, such as Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Since the game has 3D characters and sound, a virtual reality (VR) headset is worth considering.

Emerging blockchain games like Neon District, Ember Sword and Nine Chronicles share similarities with Cryptovoxels. The underlying game concept is a decentralised player-driven economy where the players get to determine the future of their world.

What are NFTs in Cryptovoxels?

An NFT is a digital representation of a real-world object such as art or a digital collectible. NFTs in Cryptovoxels include land, pets, perfumes, toys and food. Apart from land, which the game’s developers created, other NFTs are created by community members and can be purchased on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. There are art galleries, food stores, theatres and festivals where these NFTs can be auctioned or displayed. NFTs are the core assets in the Cryptovoxels economy.

What is the Cryptovoxels Parcel Token (CVPA)?

Cryptovoxels has a token – the Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA). CVPA has 1,583 holders and a maximum supply of 5,919. The token is an NFT as it represents the land in Origin City, and each parcel is unique. CVPA is auctioned weekly on Cryptovoxels, but users can buy CVPA tokens on OpenSea, the game’s official secondary marketplace.

The developers had tried an experimental payment token, $COLR, but that was discontinued in April 2020. However, users could exchange their COLR for Ether in their buyback program.

In a statement on their documentation page, the company states that they have no intention of introducing another token. In the meantime, ETH remains the sole method of payment in Cryptovoxels.

What makes Cryptovoxels unique?

Cryptovoxels’ game concept gives it a unique feel – especially for someone who has interacted with metaverses. Unlike some blockchain games, Cryptovoxel simulates real-world experiences more closely. For instance, players can watch a real-world concert together within the game. Overall, the game has a lot of integrations with real-world objects and events. Indeed, the company has stated the intention to integrate augmented reality into the game experience.

Also, Cryptovoxels has most of the features of any blockchain game – characters, land, governance and NFTs – but the game’s integration with virtual reality gives it an edge. You can use a VR headset for a more immersive gaming experience.

How does Cryptovoxels work?

Cryptovoxels is an economic strategy game. At the core of its concept, players are expected to make financial decisions that will favour them and, if possible, not negatively affect the community.

On the main page, you can either start playing the game or create a new space. Spaces are isolated pieces of land that are not connected to the Cryptovoxels world. This means there are no neighbours and no friends to play with. However, you can share a URL to your space that friends can use to access it. Friends with land can also add a “teleport” link on their grid that leads to your parcel.

If you click on “Play Now”, you will be taken to a random street in the Origin District.

Cryptovoxels Origin District

The following keyboard keys are used for control and gameplay:

  • Arrow Keys/ W-A-S-D: Move left, right, back, front
  • C: Toggles between character’s view and third person view
  • F: Fly. Used in combination with direction keys.
  • Shift + Arrow key: Run
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • Enter: Opens chat window so you can chat with friends

These controls help you navigate the city to explore community events. Click the “C” logo at the top-left of the game window to exit the game and return to the main page. You can buy land and NFTs from the main page.

Frequently asked questions about Cryptovoxels

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