The cost of beauty

Lift. Smooth. Plump. Paint. Zap. There’s nothing like a beauty treatment to help you feel your best, but we all know the burden these luxuries can have on our finances. You might decide to go blonder for summer only to end up having to return to the hairdresser more frequently. Or maybe you decide to forgo the fake spray tan for one event and a friend asks if you’re sick because you look so pale. We all know the saying “once you pop, you can’t stop”, and this can definitely be true when it comes to beauty. If you’re wondering how much certain treatments cost you, then you’re in luck as we’ve researched the cost of nine popular beauty treatments to reveal how much they cost over a year.

What beauty treatments are best bang for your buck?

1. Eyebrow shape and tint

Let’s start with the good news. A brow shape and tint costs less than $500 a year. Sure, it’s still a lot of money, but considering the massive impact it can have on how your face looks, an average of $41 per session isn’t too bad.

Annual cost: $497
Average cost per treatment: $41
Frequency: Every four weeks

2. Spray tan

If you like to look bronzed for big events, you’ll be pleased to hear that getting a monthly spray tan is the next cheapest beauty commitment. It will cost an average of $49 a session or just under $600 a year.

Annual cost: $583
Average cost per treatment: $49
Frequency: Once a month

3. Highlights

It’s common to hear people moan about the cost of lightening their hair, but if you have medium locks and only go for a half head of highlights, then this indulgence is actually the third cheapest. For $780 a year (excluding additional treatments or cut), you could even consider highlights a cost effective way to change your look. However your tolerance for regrowth will determine how frequently you visit the hairdresser and the overall cost.

Annual cost: $780.24
Average cost per treatment: $97.53
Frequency: Every eight weeks

4. Eyelash extensions

Coming in fourth place for price are eyelash extensions, with an annual cost of $902. However, this assumes infills every four weeks, and if your salon requires appointments just three weeks apart, this could increase the annual price by hundreds of dollars.

Annual cost: $902
Average cost per treatment: $75
Frequency: Every four weeks

5. Botox

If you think Botox is a money pit, then you might be surprised to see it ranking in the middle of our list. While single appointments are expensive (over $300 a treatment for around 30 units), they are generally only required every four months, costing you less than $1,000 a year.

Annual cost: $927
Average cost per treatment: $309
Frequency: Every four months

6. Lip filler

Lip filler is the fourth most expensive treatment on the list, coming it at $1,254 a year. The cost assumes a full syringe of filler is needed twice a year. However, if you go for a more subtle look, or if your filler doesn’t dissolve as quickly, it could cost less.

Annual cost: $1,254
Average cost per treatment: $627
Frequency: Twice a year

7. Microdermabrasion

A monthly microdermabrasion may be the route to smooth skin, but it’ll cost you. With an average price of $128 a session, this habit will see you end the year with $1,541 less.
Annual cost: $1,541
Average cost per treatment: $128
Frequency: Every four weeks

8. Shellac manicure and pedicure

The second most expensive treatment on our list might surprise you – the humble shellac manicure and pedicure. Given the polish only lasts as long as three weeks, you’ll need to go to the salon 18 times a year to keep your nails looking flawless. At over $100 a pop, that will set you back almost $2,000 a year!

Annual cost: $1,865.08
Average cost per treatment: $103.62
Frequency: Every three weeks

9. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal for full legs is the most expensive treatment on this list. Generally, it’s suggested that six treatments will be enough to keep you hair free, costing an average of $1,984 a year. However, you may need more treatments depending on your genetics. The good news? If the treatment is successful, you could stay hair free for life with minimal top-up treatments.

Annual cost: $1,984
Average cost per treatment: $331
Frequency: Six sessions

If you’re looking to cut costs without forgoing treatments completely, then either reducing the frequency of appointments or going DIY can result in big savings. You can often get some great deals buying beauty products online too.


To determine the cost of beauty treatments in Canada we sourced prices from five of the largest cities by population – Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. We found the average price from five providers in each city and used those to find an estimated national average.

The initial price and maintenance prices were used where appropriate and when listed. Prices assumed the treatment is maintained for a year – the exception being fake tan, which we assumed monthly use.

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