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Compare cheap internet plans

You don't have to settle for a cheap and nasty plan to save money on your internet.

With high-speed internet a necessity these days, shopping around for internet deals is more important than ever. If you’re after cheap internet plans, we’ve gathered up a wide range of plans that will cost you less than $50 a month, with some even lower than $30 a month:

Compare internet service providers

Name Product Unlimited Data Prices Starting At Speeds Minimum Contract Provincial Availability
Altima Telecom Internet
$30.00 /month
15 - 1,000 Mbps
No Contract
Who it might be good for: Those looking for affordable DSL, cable or fibre internet with no contractual commitments, no activation fees and bundling discounts.
Diallog Internet
DSL: $25.00 /month, Cable: $30 /month
DSL: 6 - 50 Mbps, Cable: 5 - 1000 Mbps
No Contract
Who it might be good for: Those living in Southern Ontario or Quebec looking for affordable DSL or cable internet with no contractual commitments.

Compare up to 4 providers

Compare cheap internet plans

ProviderOperates inBest cheap Internet plans
BellOntario, Quebec and Eastern provincesPlan: Fibe Internet
Speed: 10Mbps (download)/0.93Mbps (upload)Data cap: 100 GBCost: $49.95 per month
This plan comes with a free McAfee security subscription and access to the Bell Wi-Fi app. You can also pay an additional fee to get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage and 24-hour premium tech support.
RogersOntario, New Brunswick, NewfoundlandPlan: Internet 10
Speed: 150MbpsData cap: 100 GBCost: $99.99 per month
You can choose to install your modem yourself to avoid paying extra fees with this plan. You’ll also be able to pay an additional fee to get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage.
ShawBC and AlbertaPlan: Internet 50
Speed: 10MbpsData cap: 450 GBCost: $50 per month (for first 12 months on contract)
This plan will go up in cost after your first year, and you’ll have to pay setup fees. That said, it offers you the opportunity to save money if you bundle your services with Shaw BlueCurve TV or Internet. It also comes with a free mobile app so you can control your network remotely.
VirginOntario and QuebecPlan: 25Mbps plan
Data cap: 50 GBCost: $60 per month
This is a fairly slow plan that’s only suitable for very limited use. You can also choose a 25Mbps plan with a 200GB cap if you want a bit more fire power. An added benefit is that this plan doesn’t come with additional fees to rent or install your modem.
FidoOntarioPlan: 30Mbps plan
Data cap: 50 GBCost: $60 per month
This plan has very slow upload and download speeds, but it will still work for basic functions. You can also choose a 30Mbps plan with unlimited data for $15 more each month. All of Fido’s contracts are month-to-month and you won’t have to pay additional modem rental or installation fees.
FizzOntario and QuebecPlan: 10Mbps plan
Data cap: UnlimitedCost: $30 per month
This is a basic plan that’s good for 1-2 person households. You can also pay a bit more per month to upgrade to a 30Mbps which will give you higher quality streaming and better connectivity. You won’t pay modem fees with Fizz and you can cancel at any time without penalty.
TeksavvyAcross CanadaPlan: Cable 5 plan
Speed: 15MbpsData cap: UnlimitedCost: $38.95 per month
TekSavvy offers its very basic Cable 5 plan for small households with limited Internet use. You can also pay a bit more per month to get a 30 Mbps plan. All of Teksavvy’s plans are also month-to-month so you won’t get locked into a contract.
AcanacOntario and QuebecPlan: 25MbpsData cap: UnlimitedCost: $45 per month
This is a fairly simple plan that will let you use the Internet comfortably in a 1-2 person household. You’ll have to pay for installation but you may be able to take advantage of special rebates and discounts.

Of course, cheap internet plans don’t come without a few caveats you’ll want to be aware of, such as:


When it comes to internet speed, many cheap internet plans sacrifice speed in order to cut costs, which might be fine if you’re only interested in some light web browsing and watching the odd YouTube video. However, should you want to stream Netflix in HD, that cheap connection probably won’t cut it. Instead, you should aim for a higher speed to ensure you won’t be stuck waiting for the latest episode of Rick and Morty to load.

Data caps

In cutting costs, many cheap internet providers also cut monthly download limits quite significantly. Limits of 50GB a month are common, and though this can be sufficient for general web browsing, it’s a little less suitable if you plan on streaming video or downloading movies or games. Streaming 2 hours of HD Netflix a day would blow through 50GB in just over a week, and that’s not counting all the videos you watch on Facebook or the image galleries you flip through on news sites.

That said, in this price range you won’t see too many plans offering both a roomy data cap and a speedy connection, so you’ll need to decide which of the two is more important to you.

Additional costs

Beyond the monthly bill, you’ll want to check that any prospective internet plan isn’t hiding a bunch of additional costs in its contract. Activation fees, installation charges and mandatory equipment purchases can quickly turn a $50 plan into a $300 buy-in, so be sure to read the fine print before signing up.

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