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Car insurance in Manitoba

Learn more about how car insurance works in Manitoba and find out what you need to get your vehicle on the road.


Car insurance in Manitoba quick facts


Minimum liability coverage


Average annual car insurance cost

If you’re a resident of Manitoba, chances are you’ve had to deal with the Manitoba Public Insurance agency to get your car on the road. This is a government-backed insurance corporation that offers basic, optional and special risk Autopac car insurance for every vehicle in the province.

Basic insurance gives you third-party liability and personal injury benefits. It also includes collision and comprehensive coverage since this is required by law in Manitoba. Keep reading to find out more about how car insurance works in Manitoba and learn how you can lock in the best rates.

How does car insurance in Manitoba work?

Manitoba offers mandatory car insurance exclusively through its government-backed insurance agency, Manitoba Public Insurance. It follows the “no-fault” car insurance system, which means that any claims filed in an accident are paid for by the corresponding insurance companies of each driver and not by the person who causes the accident.

This means that neither driver can sue the other party, which simplifies the claims process and leads to shorter claims processing times. It also results in insurance premiums being lower in Manitoba than they are in many other Canadian provinces.

Average cost of car insurance in Manitoba

You’ll pay an average of $1,080 per year for basic insurance through Manitoba Public Insurance (according to a report from the Insurance Bureau of Canada). This is on the lower end of the price scale in Canada – especially considering that basic policies include comprehensive and collision coverage (in addition to third-party liability and personal injury benefits).

You can also use a private insurer if you’d like to extend your level of coverage or add endorsements onto your policy, such as rental car protection or loss of vehicle use coverage. That said, most drivers opt to insure their vehicles exclusively with MPI to make sorting out payments and claims easier to manage.

Which city has the cheapest car insurance in Manitoba?

There’s no breakdown of how much your insurance will cost by city as this often depends on a number of personal variables. That said, it’s safe to say that you can probably expect to pay more in large cities such as Winnipeg and Brandon. You’ll usually pay less in smaller cities or more rural areas such as Steinbach, Thompson and Winkler.

This is because you’re more likely to get into an accident if you live in an urban hub due to more traffic congestion, narrower roads and more pedestrians. The price of your car insurance will also depend on what level of coverage you have and whether you’ve purchased additional insurance from a private company.

Which company offers the cheapest car insurance in Manitoba?

The cheapest car insurance in Manitoba comes from Manitoba Public Insurance. It offers basic, optional and special risk insurance for an affordable price across the province. As an added benefit, collision and comprehensive are included as part of this coverage (which is unique since you have to pay extra for extended insurance in every other Canadian province).

If you decide to increase your level of coverage through a private insurer, you should be sure to get quotes from multiple sources. This will make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. You should also aim to check in about available discounts to save even more money.

Where can I buy car insurance in Manitoba?

You can purchase Autopac insurance – which is the coverage offered by Manitoba Public Insurance – through one of its 300+ brokers in the province. It’s mandatory to purchase third-party liability and collision/comprehensive through MPI. You can also request additional insurance from private insurance companies such as Allstate, The Co-operators and Aviva.

Minimum provincial requirements for car insurance in Manitoba

Manitoba’s mandatory Autopac insurance offers a number of different forms of coverage rolled into one.

  • Liability insurance. Covers the costs of any vehicle repair expenses you may have to pay for another driver if you cause an accident (minimum $200,000).
  • Accident benefits. Reimburses your medical bills and time off work if you get into an accident, no matter whose fault it is.
  • Collision and comprehensive. Covers you for repairs if your vehicle is damaged in an accident or another incident (such as a fire or theft).

Are there eligibility requirements for car insurance in Manitoba?

Eligibility requirements

To apply for car insurance in Manitoba, you’ll typically need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have a valid Canadian driver’s licence
  • Own the vehicle you wish to insure
  • Be willing to purchase the minimum amount of liability coverage

How to apply

If you think you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for car insurance coverage with these simple steps:

  1. Visit a third-party broker to discuss your car insurance needs and get information about how much you’ll have to pay.
  2. Provide the necessary documentation – such as a valid driver’s licence and proof of purchase for your vehicle.
  3. Get verified and work with your broker to purchase mandatory Autopac insurance and negotiate the terms of your extended coverage.

Bottom line

Manitoba offers mandatory basic insurance through its government-backed insurance agency, Manitoba Public Insurance. This coverage includes third-party liability and accident benefits, as well as comprehensive and collision coverage. You may also be able to apply for extended coverage through a private insurer, if this makes sense for your personal situation.

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