How to request a Capital One credit card product change

Upgrade your credit card with no hard pull on your credit.

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If you already have 2 Capital One credit cards, applying for another — unless it’s a business card or cobranded card — may be impossible. That’s where a credit card product change can come in handy. Because of its 2-cards-per-individual rule, Capital One has made changing cards easy.

Capital One product change: How to request one

Get your Capital One product change in three ways:

  • Online. Log in to your online banking account and, if eligible, select the credit card you want to upgrade to. Select Upgrade now and then Finalize upgrade. This is your last chance to review the terms and conditions. Click Upgrade card if it all looks good.
  • With a targeted offer. Sometimes, you could receive a pre-qualified targeted offer on your mail or with a banner on your online account. Follow the instructions to make the product change.
  • Call customer support. If you don’t get a targeted offer, call customer support and ask if you’re eligible and what are your options.

Eligibility requirements

Before you receive a targeted offer to product change or before you request one, there are eligibility criteria you have to meet. These include:

  • Credit card age. How long you had your card plays an important role as it gives Capital One a chance to review your financial habits and determine whether to offer you a product change or not.
  • Account standing. Pay your balance in full and on time. Otherwise, it may be hard to score a credit card upgrade.

Why you might want a Capital One product change

There are several reasons why you may consider changing your credit card with the same provider.

  • Keep your credit card age. With a product change, you get to keep your credit history. But closing a credit card — especially an older account — shortens your credit history and negatively affects your credit score.
  • Change reward programs. Capital One is one of the rare card providers that allows you to switch between reward programs. For example, you can switch your cashback card for a travel credit card or vice versa.
  • Avoid hard pulls on your credit. A product change will get you a new credit card without making a hard pull on your credit.
  • Don’t want to pay an annual fee. Sometimes a product change could mean downgrading from a more premium credit card with an annual fee to one without an annual fee. But if you do downgrade, make sure you do before Capital One charges the annual fee for the following year.

Should you close your old Capital One credit card?

No. You get to keep the same credit card account. The only thing you should do is shred your old credit card.

Bottom line

Doing a product change with your Capital One credit card can be an excellent way to get a better credit card than the one you currently have without a hard pull on your credit.

Compare Capital One credit cards to find a different card you’d like. You can also compare other credit cards if you’re interested in the offers and perks of a credit card from another provider.

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