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Canadian made shopping guide

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Supporting Canadian businesses, keeping Canadians employed, reducing our environmental impact and owning products made with the Canadian climate and lifestyle in mind… there are so many great reasons to buy Canadian made products.

Our guides make it super easy to find everything that flies the red maple leaf loudly and proudly, from fashion to furniture.

What Canadian made product are you after?

100+ Canadian made brands and where to buy them

Brand Category Where to buy
2nd Shot Knives
Acana Dog food
Alwyn Home Mattresses
Andover Mills Furniture
Andover Mills Sofas
Anfibio Shoes
Arc’teryx Veilance Clothing
Art Maison Canada Furniture
Baffin Work boots
Bafflin Boots
Bay Isle Home Sofas
Beautyrest Mattresses
BITE Beauty Gifts
Black Beard Forge Knives
Blanco Canada Inc. Furniture
Boulet Boots
Boulet Shoes
BRAVE Leather Gifts
Brave New Soles Shoes
Canada Goose Clothing
Canada Goose Gifts
Canada Sleep Mattresses
Canada West Boots
Canada West Shoes
Canada West Work boots
Canisourc Dog food
Carna4 Dog food
Cecile Benac Knitwear Clothing
  • Direct
Cecile Benac Knitwear Clothing
  • Independent boutiques
Chocmod Gifts
Cocotte Equipment Gifts
Comfort Collection Gifts
Crumps Natural Dog food
Douglas Mattresses
Dream Designs Furniture
  • Dream Designs
Dream Designs Mattresses
  • Dream Designs
Dreamstar Furniture
Dreamstar Mattresses
Ebern Designs Furniture
Ecologyst (formerly Sitka) Clothing
  • Direct
encircled Clothing
  • Direct
Endy Mattresses
FEED’EM Dog food
Fig Clothing
Finium Furniture
First Mate Dog food
Garneau Shoes
Gary Greer Knives
  • Gary Greer
Gather Dog food
Go! Solutions Dog food
Great Canadian Sox Clothing
  • Direct
Grizzly Blades Knives
  • Grizzly Blades
Grohmann Knives
  • Grohmann
Hamuq Furniture
  • Hamuq
Hamuq Mattresses
Haven Furniture
Haven Mattresses
Holistic Blend Dog food
Horizon Dog food
House of Hampton Furniture
Hush-Kush Pouch Gifts
Jack Victor Clothing
Kamik Boots
Kamik Shoes
Kamik Work boots
Kleos Cookies n Treats Dog food
Koolatron Gifts
Kushies Gifts
La Canadienne Shoes
La Candienne Boots
Latitude Run Furniture
Latitude Run Sofas
Levi’s Jeans
Little Yogi Gifts
Lower Shannon Farms Gifts
Manitobah Mukluks Boots
Manitobah Mukluks Shoes
Martino Boots
Martino Shoes
Mellow Walk Boots
Mellow Walk Shoes
Mellow Walk Work boots
Merlette Gifts
MG Maison Gifts
Mirrorize Canada Furniture
Muttonhead Clothing
  • Direct
Naked & Famous Denim Jeans
Naturally By Denise Gifts
North Arm Knives Knives
  • North Arm
Now Fresh Dog food
NRG Dog food
Nutrience Dog food
Origin HG Knives
Pajar Boots
Pajar Shoes
Petkind Dog food
Philip Sparks Clothing
  • In-store in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto’s west end
Polysleep Furniture
Polysleep Mattresses
ProSeries Dog food
Public Myth Clothing
Raised By Wolves Clothing
Raised By Wolves Gifts
Red Barrel Studio Sofas
Reigning Champ Clothing
Reigning Champ Gifts
Roots Gifts
ROYER Work boots
Ryan Woodworking Gifts
Serta Mattresses
Smack Dog food
Smythe Clothing
Sofa By Fancy Furniture
Sofa By Fancy Sofas
SoftMoc Boots
SoftMoc Shoes
Sonia’s Favourite Gifts
Springwall Furniture
Springwall Mattresses
Stanfield’s Clothing
Stephen Kitras Gifts
Summit Dog food
Sun Joe Gifts
Terra Footwear Boots
Terra Footwear Work boots
Tilley Gifts
Union Rustic Furniture
United Stock Dry Goods Clothing
  • Norwood Clothing Co.
  • Direct
Upper Square Furniture
Viberg Boot Boots
Viberg Boot Shoes
Viberg Boot Work boots
Wade Logan Furniture
Wings + Horns Clothing
Winston Porter Furniture
Yoga Jeans Jeans
Zeal Canada Dog food
Zen Nomad Clothing
  • Independent fashion boutiques in ON, AB, BC and NS
  • Direct
Zipcode Design Furniture

Frequently asked questions

How can I tell if something is Canadian made?

Taking a peek at the product’s label is the fastest and easiest way to determine where it was made. Look for either the words “Made in” or “Origin”. You might also see a red maple leaf logo which symbolizes that a product is of Canadian origin.

This works if you’re in store but if you’re online, look for the product description for details of where it was manufactured or originated. If there are no details, it’s a good idea to head to the brand’s website to check out the “About Us” or “Our Story” sections for information regarding its production process or to contact them to ask them where they make their items.

Is there a difference between Canadian made and Canadian manufactured?

No. These terms are often used interchangeably and both mean that the item was created in Canada.

Is there a difference between Made in Canada and Product of Canada?

Yes. According to the Competition Bureau, an item can be marked Made in Canada if the majority of its manufacturing or production occurred in Canada. This could be as little as 51%.

A Product of Canada on the other hand requires that all, or at least 98%, of its total direct production or manufacturing costs were in Canada.

For both, the last substantial transformation of the item must have been in Canada.

What does Canadian designed mean?

When searching for an item’s origin you may see that an item is designed in Canada but manufactured somewhere else.

This is because the conceptual idea was developed in Canada, and perhaps prototypes were made here too, but the manufacturing process was outsourced to another country. This is often due to production costs which can be cheaper internationally than in Canada itself.

By buying Canadian designed, you’ll still be supporting local creators and their businesses. However, unless the label also states that it’s made or manufactured in Canada then you’ll also be supporting international economies.

What does Canadian owned mean?

A Canadian owned brand has a Canadian or a Canadian company as its main benefactor. While it may have factories in Canada, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

What does Canadian operated mean?

It’s common to see the terms “owned and operated” written in tandem. This means that the business is owned by a Canadian or a Canadian company and that its daily operations and headquarters are in Canada.

If a business is only operated in Canada, this means that its main benefactor is international but its offices, head staff and daily operations are based in Canada.

What percentage of the item needs to be made in Canada to be allowed to call itself Canadian made?

A product labelled Made in Canada must have at least 51% of its total direct costs for producing or manufacturing it occurring in Canada.

It’s also common for brands to add a qualifying statement to their labelling. For example, an item can say “Made in Canada with imported parts”.

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