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How much will Canadians spend on Canada Day?

Canadians plan to spend more than $1 billion on Canada Day this year.

Canada Day is fast approaching and people are starting to think about how to show their Canadian pride, just on a bit of a smaller scale this year. There is no question Canada Day 2020 will look a little different. Think sparklers in the backyard over huge crowds watching fireworks together.

Still, Canadians have a long history of patriotism and will no doubt find creative ways to celebrate.

So just how much is the average Canadian planning to spend to celebrate Canada Day?

Finder’s research reveals that 31% of Canadian adults, or more than 9.2 million people, plan to spend money to celebrate Canada Day, with the average amount being $91. That adds up to more than $1 billion that Canadians intend to spend to celebrate the Great White North.

The other 69%, or more than 20 million Canadian adults, don’t plan on spending any money on Canada Day this year. They may be opting out of the holiday or just choosing to show their patriotism in non-monetary ways.

And while men and women are equally as likely to spend money on Canada Day (both at 31%), men are planning to spend a little more to show their Canadian pride ($95 vs. $87).

Still, there were a few other surprises in the data. Which provinces are the most and least likely to open their wallets to celebrate Canada Day? Does age affect how much you will spend? Let’s dive in.

Young and patriotic?

In Canada, younger adults are far more likely to celebrate Canada Day and typically spend more while doing it.

Canada’s millennials are the most likely to celebrate Canada Day at 41% followed by Canada’s youngest adults, generation Z, at 39%. Generation X is next, coming in at 33%. Canada’s older generations are more likely to say they aren’t planning to spend any money on Canada Day, with just 21% of boomers and 17% of the silent generation planning to spend on Canada’s national holiday.

The amount Canadians are spending is a little more uniform, with generation X splurging the most on their Canada Day celebrations with an average spend of $89, followed by boomers at $80 and millennials at $78. The silent generation plans to spend the least at only $32 on average.

Ontarians most likely to spend on Canada Day and also spend the most on average

Ontario is the home of Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, and apparently, it is also home to Canada’s most patriotic citizens, as 40% of Canadians plan to spend money to celebrate Canada Day this year. Ontarians also spend the most at $109 on average.

After Ontario, Albertans are most likely to spend on Canada Day at 33%, followed by British Colombians and Nova Scotians who are tied for third place at 31%. Just one quarter (25%) of Manitobans said they would be spending on Canada Day.

Quebecers are by far the least likely to spend money on Canada Day at just 16%. This may be due to Francophones placing more importance on other Quebecois holidays like St. Jean Baptiste Day, which falls close to Canada Day in June.

After Ontarians, those in BC spent the most on Canada Day celebrations with an average spend of $80. Rounding out the top 3 is Quebec, with the small number who celebrate still spending $79 on average. Albertans are planning to spend $63 and Nova Scotians plan to spend the least – only $44 on average.

Canada Day by the numbers

Canada Day has a long history beginning with the Constitution Act of 1867. We have been celebrating our home and native land since that day on July 1 for more than 150 years now. In fact, 2020 marks Canada’s 153rd birthday.

Most Canadians likely can’t remember a time when Canada Day didn’t involve large displays of fireworks, and rightfully so as Canada Day has been officially associated with fireworks for 38 years now.

In 1981, fifteen major Canadian cities began offering massive fireworks displays, which have been happening annually since. These local celebrations typically attract large crowds and often involve concerts and other festivities.

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