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Historical Rate chart of CAD and BGN

Updated: 19 Oct 2019 11:53:39 UTC

What affects exchange rates between the Canadian dollar and the Bulgarian lev?

The Bulgarian lev (BGN) today is pegged to the euro at a rate of 1.95583 lev to 1 euro. As a result, the CAD/BGN exchange rate depends only on the CAD/EUR exchange rate. If the euro is strengthening, so will the lev, and vice versa.

Canadian Dollar

Owing to the image of a loon on the one-dollar coin, the Canadian dollar (CAD) is sometimes referred to as the “loonie”. Closely tied to the US economy, the CAD accounts for approximately 2% of all global reserves, superseded only by the U.S dollar (USD), the euro (EUR), the yen (JPY), and the Great Britain pound (GBP). With its extreme sensitivity to movements in crude oil and other products, traders often use the CAD to speculate on trends related to these commodities.
Currency:Canadian Dollar
Currency Symbol:$, C$, CAD
Sub unit:cent
Bank notes:$5, $10, $20, $50, $100
Coins:5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $2

Bulgarian lev

Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, but its currency, the lev, has been pegged to the euro (EUR) since 1997. Bulgaria has wanted to adopt the euro currency since its inception into the EU, and was expected to join the eurozone in 2015, but has been continuously blocked from replacing its currency until it can implement economic reforms. Bulgaria is currently the poorest EU member state, with a GDP at 49% of the EU average.
Currency:Bulgarian lev
Currency Symbol:лв.
Sub unit:stotinki
Bank notes:лв1, стотинки1, стотинки2, стотинки5, стотинки10, стотинки20, стотинки50
Coins: лв2, лв5, лв10, лв20, лв50, лв100

How does the CAD dollar trade against the Bulgarian lev historically?

Throughout history, there have been many different exchange rate regimes in place in Bulgaria. The first edition of the lev was introduced in 1881, and had an equal value to the French franc. During the 1940s, the lev was pegged to the German reichsmark, followed by the Russian ruble during the Soviet Union’s occupation of Bulgaria in 1944. From 1945 to 1952, the Bulgarian lev was pegged to the US dollar a number of times. When the current edition of the lev was introduced in 1995, it was pegged to the euro. It’s assumed that this will remain the case until Bulgaria eventually adopts the euro as its currency. Currently, the Bulgarian lev is trading around 1.27 to the CAD dollar (as of 30 Jan. 2018). The Bulgarian lev (BGN) today is pegged to the euro at a rate of 1.95583 BGN to 1 euro.

Canadian Dollar to the Bulgarian lev for the last 10 years

Oct 2009 Oct 2010 Oct 2011 Oct 2012 Oct 2013 Oct 2014 Oct 2015 Oct 2016 Oct 2017 Oct 2018
1 CAD = 1.2662 Inverse: 0.7898 1.3834 Inverse: 0.7228 1.4039 Inverse: 0.7123 1.5232 Inverse: 0.6565 1.3935 Inverse: 0.7176 1.3576 Inverse: 0.7366 1.3347 Inverse: 0.7492 1.3556 Inverse: 0.7377 1.3243 Inverse: 0.7551 1.3059 Inverse: 0.7657

Canadian Dollar to the Bulgarian lev for the last 10 months

Dec 2018 Jan 2019 Feb 2019 Mar 2019 Apr 2019 May 2019 Jun 2019 Jul 2019 Aug 2019 Sep 2019
1 CAD = 1.2781 Inverse: 0.7824 1.2978 Inverse: 0.7705 1.3055 Inverse: 0.7660 1.2867 Inverse: 0.7772 1.3081 Inverse: 0.7645 1.3046 Inverse: 0.7665 1.3146 Inverse: 0.7607 1.3346 Inverse: 0.7493 1.3191 Inverse: 0.7581 1.3428 Inverse: 0.7447

Canadian Dollar to the Bulgarian lev for the last 10 days

Oct 09 Oct 10 Oct 11 Oct 12 Oct 13 Oct 14 Oct 15 Oct 16 Oct 17 Oct 18
1 CAD = 1.3363 Inverse: 0.7483 1.3382 Inverse: 0.7473 1.3409 Inverse: 0.7457 1.3405 Inverse: 0.7460 1.3422 Inverse: 0.7450 1.3414 Inverse: 0.7455 1.3428 Inverse: 0.7447 1.3376 Inverse: 0.7476 1.3395 Inverse: 0.7466 1.3352 Inverse: 0.7490

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How can I predict future exchange rates between the Canadian dollar and Bulgarian lev?

The current peg to the euro of 1.95583 lev to 1 euro will likely remain in place until Bulgaria finally adopts the euro, a process currently in the works. Bulgaria has indicated (on 15 Jan. 2018) that it will begin talks on replacing the lev with the euro, adding that the Balkan country may join the preliminary exchange-rate mechanism for eurozone entry by the end of 2018. Anyone looking to make large transactions or deposits in Bulgarian lev should be sure to stay updated on Bulgaria’s progress in joining the eurozone to predict future exchange rates.

Market rate for common transfer amounts CAD to BGN

Canadian Dollars (CAD) Bulgarian lev (BGN)
$1 0
$100 0
$500 0
$1000 0
$1500 0
$2500 0
$5000 0

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