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Where to buy surgical masks online in Canada

Check out these online retailers that can deliver surgical masks to your home.

Due to recent events, many stores are experiencing a shortage of certain products. Be aware that many retailers may currently be out of stock, have longer shipping times than usual or be charging above-average prices. Remember that stockpiling items isn’t actually necessary right now and that over-buying can leave others vulnerable.

A surgical mask might be necessary if you’re a health services worker. You might also choose to wear these masks if you need extra protection against dust and fine particles during home projects or spring cleaning.

Here’s where you can easily order disposable surgical masks online and have them delivered straight to your door. Plus, we’ve listed which retailers offer free shipping deals.

To learn more about wearing face masks, check out these instructions on the WHO website or take a look at the information below.

Featured products


Everbright Global (In stock)

Everbright Global is a Canadian company specialising in PPE products, such as, masks, surgical/isolation gowns and eye and face protection.

  • Free delivery on orders over $80
  • FDA approved masks
  • 30-day returns policy

Goltum Surgical Mask

Goltum (In Stock)

Goltum is a Canadian company based in Montreal that provides high-quality personal protective equipment.

  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Ships within 24-hours
  • FDA certified and their factories are on the CDC white list

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Surgical face mask


Carrying all the hottest trends at consistently affordable prices, Wish is a go-to whatever it is you’re shopping for. From fashion and footwear to accessories, home essentials and beyond, you’re sure to adore the eclectic catalogue on offer here.

  • New products added daily ensuring you never get bored of browsing
  • Consistently low pricing site-wide
  • Score an extra discount in the “Blitz Buy” section
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surgical masks


PatPat wants to provide families with cute, stylish and quality products.

  • Sign up for PatPat’s emails and get 10% off your first order as well as getting the latest trends, updates, exclusive offers and special promotions sent directly to your inbox.
  • PatPat guarantees you quality merchandise.
  • It offers a 14-day returns policy.
  • Free shipping is available.
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surgical mask


Amazon Canada stocks a great selection of respirator masks in one place, making it simple to compare brands, prices and customer reviews.

  • Sign up to Amazon Prime and get free shipping and returns on millions of items
  • Huge product range
  • Easily compare prices and ratings on similar products
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surgical mask


When it comes to competitive pricing, it doesn’t get much better than eBay. Shop for respirator masks and other health and safety items here. Join in the thrill of a bidding war or browse the Buy It Now options to secure your purchase.

  • Secure site with a range of payment options including PayPal
  • Prices are super affordable
  • Helpful product reviews on site
  • Free delivery from selected sellers
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surgical mask

The Home Depot

A dominant player on the Canadian home and hardware scene, The Home Depot has just about everything you could need for your next DIY project. This includes a range of health and safety products such as respirator masks, disposable gloves and cleaning wipes.

  • Large variety of competitively priced items
  • Plenty of time to decide if you want to return unused items (especially if you pay with a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card)
  • Free shipping on orders that reach or exceed a certain amount
  • Ship directly to your home or a nearby store
  • Equipment rentals available

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surgical mask


Bonanza has everything you could want by way of home items, personal care products, clothing, electronics and more. Browse through loads of competitively priced items to keep you and your household healthy including hand sanitizers, protective face masks, disposable gloves and cleaning supplies.

  • Huge range of products, deals and sellers
  • Variety of shipping options
  • Competitive prices
  • Sort items by lots of different filters including price, brand, size, manufacturing country and more
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surgical mask


With thousands of brands and millions of products, AliExpress offers a full shopping experience with loads of options to choose from. Browse through a range of protective masks at hugely discounted prices – you won’t be disappointed!

  • Huge range of products, deals and sellers
  • Variety of shipping options
  • Competitive prices
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surgical mask


When it comes to sourcing the right protective gear, Walmart won’t let you down. This retailer offers a wide range of products – including respirator masks – that will help keep you and your family safe.

  • Competitive prices
  • Large range of products
  • Sign up to get the weekly flyer for special offers direct to your inbox
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CanMedSupply (In Stock)

CanMedSupply offers PPE products such as KN95 mask,Nitrile gloves, gowns and face shields at an affordable retail price. All products are made for personal use with high quality standard.

  • Ships from Canada
  • Available in wholesale
  • FDA and CE testing certified

man wearing surgical mask

Clinical Supplies (In Stock)

Clinical Supplies provides top quality masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. They offer Canadian-wide delivery on all order from their warehouse which is located in British Columbia.

  • Verified by Finder
  • Bulk purchases over 10,000 units
  • FDA registered KN95 masks
  • Quick order dispatch (1-3 days)

2 boxes of surgical masks

Linen Plus (In Stock)

Discover high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) for clinics and hospitals and hospitality supplies for hotels—free shipping in Canada.

  • In stock ready to ship across Canada
  • Free shipping on orders over $179
  • Easy online ordering
  • 3 distribution centres in Canada for next day delivery

Which of these retailers offer free delivery?

  • Amazon: Free shipping widely available, especially for Prime members
  • eBay: Free shipping offered by many sellers
  • The Home Depot: Free shipping on orders that reach or exceed a certain amount
  • Bonanza: Free shipping offered by many sellers
  • AliExpress: Free shipping options widely available
  • Walmart: Free shipping on qualifying orders to select locations in Canada

Are people required to wear face masks in Canada?

It depends on where you live. Certain cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston in Ontario have implemented bylaws requiring people to wear face masks when in public. Outside these jurisdictions, businesses and other organizations may still exercise the discretion to require customers and employees to wear face masks. In some regions, wearing a mask is mandatory when riding public transit.

The consequences for failing to follow regional rules usually involve stiff fines ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

It’s expected that more cities will consider adopting similar bylaws in the future to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as per the World Health Organization’s recommendations. Previously, the WHO had issued a statement advising governments to request that people wear fabric face masks in public.

Take a look at this helpful page on the Government of Canada website to learn more about masks that offer the best protection during COVID-19. You can also learn about when and how to use masks from on the World Health Organization’s site.

Tips for using a surgical mask

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends washing your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and water before putting on a face mask. Surgical masks are made to securely cover the mouth, nose and chin.

Avoid touching a mask once it’s on your face to avoid contamination, and discard it immediately after use. Masks should be removed from behind the head and ears and put into a (preferably closed) garbage bag right away, after which the WHO advises users to wash their hands. Surgical masks are not reusable, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so you shouldn’t try to wash and re-wear yours.

Take a look at this helpful page on the Government of Canada website to learn more about masks that offer the best protection during COVID-19.

What’s the difference between surgical masks and N95 masks?

According to public health authorities in both Canada and the US, there are several main differences between surgical masks and N95 masks.

Surgical masksN95 respirator masks
TestingCleared by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The ASTM is an international standards organization recognized in Canada that develops and publishes technical standards for products.Evaluated, tested and approved by NIOSH (US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), a regulatory organization recognized in Canada.
PurposeProtection against large droplets of hazardous fluids and respiratory droplets emitted by the wearer.Protection against fine particles such as dust, smoke and aerosols.
FiltrationNo filtrationFilters at least 95% of airborne particles

Source: CDC

How are surgical masks made?

Unlike cloth masks, surgical masks are made with non-woven, melted polypropylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate or other similar types of plastic. After melting, the strands of plastic cool and bond together – a process known as “melt blowing“.

This material is used to filter out small particles while allowing the wearer to breathe more easily. Most surgical masks consist of 3 or 4 layers, sandwiching a layer of textile between two layers of melt-blown fabric.

How to do a melt test

To test if your surgical mask is made of melt-blown fabric and not cloth, follow these steps to do a melt test. Use caution when working with open flames.

  1. Use scissors to cut through the mask so that you can peel the layers apart.
  2. Separate the top and bottom layers from the middle layer.
  3. Carefully apply a flame to the middle layer using a lighter.
  4. If the material melts, it’s melt-blown. If it lights on fire, it is not.

How are surgical masks tested?

Surgical masks are put through five tests to comply with regulations set by government agencies such as the FDA, NIOSH and OSHA:

  • Bacterial or viral filtration efficiency (BFE or BVE). Measures the filtration ability of the mask against bacteria and/or viruses.
  • Particle filtration efficiency. Measures the ability of the mask to filter out larger particles.
  • Differential pressure. Determines the breathability of the mask.
  • Synthetic blood fluid penetration resistance. Tests the ability of the mask to protect against fluid splashes.
  • Flammability. Measures how slowly the mask takes to catch fire and how long it takes to burn.

Washable alternatives to disposable masks

If you’d rather be able to wash and reuse your face masks, try these cloth mask options. While not intended for medical use, cloth masks can be helpful for general daily use while practicing social distancing in places where it’s hard to stay away from others (like grocery stores or public transit).

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