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Where to bulk buy face masks online in Canada

Order protective face masks and respirators online to be shipped straight to your home.

Due to recent events, many stores are experiencing a shortage of certain products. Be aware that many retailers may currently be out of stock, have longer shipping times than usual or be charging above-average prices. Remember that stockpiling items isn’t actually necessary right now and that over-buying can leave others vulnerable.

The World Health Organization recommends wearing a protective face mask or respirator if you’re sick, taking care of someone who’s sick or are in a crowded place where it’s impossible to maintain social distancing. Depending on where you live in Canada, you may actually be required by law to wear a face mask when out in public.

If you want to wear masks more often or need to outfit a group of people (like your employees) in protective gear, buying in bulk can save you time and money.

We’ve gathered a list of reputable retailers that sell different kinds of face masks and respirators online, making it easy to buy what you need from the comfort of your own home. Some sellers even offer volume discounts and free shipping deals, which we’ve also listed.

If you’re just buying for yourself or your family, check out our guide on where to buy regular quantities of face masks online.

Where to bulk buy face masks online in Canada

Our featured products

Individually Sealed KN95 Mask (20PCS) Available in black & white
Individually Sealed KN95 Mask (20PCS) Available in black & white

PPE Supply Canada

PPE Supply Canada

PPE Supply Canada

A leading online retailer of face masks and rapid test kits, PPE Supply offers great prices, same-day order processing and same-day delivery in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Ships from Canada to locations across Canada and the US
  • Free shipping on orders of $99+
  • Adult & children’s masks available
  • Same-day shipping on all orders placed by 4PM EST
  • Registered with Health Canada
  • Competitive bulk pricing available
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KN95 face mask

Everbright Global (In stock)

Everbright Global is a Canadian company specialising in PPE products, such as, masks, surgical/isolation gowns and eye and face protection.

  • Featured in Newswire, Finance Yahoo and APNews
  • Free delivery on orders over $80
  • FDA authorized medical use KN95 masks
  • Extra discount depend on the quantities

    Goltum KN95 Mask

    Goltum (In Stock)

    Goltum is a Canadian company based in Montreal that provides high-quality personal protective equipment.

    • Free shipping on orders over $100
    • Ships within 24-hours
    • FDA certified and their factories are on the CDC white list
    Go to Goltum's website

    Yes Wellness, stack of black disposable surgical protective face masks

    Yes Wellness

    This Canadian retailer has what you need to stay safe, from medical-grade face masks to hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. Also browse a huge catalogue of diet and fitness products, natural health remedies, vitamins and supplements, home items and more.

    • Stocks lots of products for immunity and medical protection
    • Get exclusive offers when you sign up for the (free) VIP program
    • Get a discount on your next purchase when you sign up to receive email newsletters
    • Free shipping in Canada and the US on orders that reach or exceed a certain amount
    Go to Yes Wellness website

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    Amazon stocks a great selection of protective face masks and respirators in one place, making it simple to compare brands, prices and customer reviews.

    • Sign up to Amazon Prime and get free shipping and returns on millions of items
    • Huge product range
    • Easily compare prices and ratings on similar products
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    Bonanza has everything you could want by way of home items, personal care products, clothing, electronics and more. Browse through loads of competitively-priced items to keep you and your home healthy including hand sanitizers, protective face masks, disposable gloves and cleaning supplies.

    • Huge range of products, deals and sellers
    • Variety of shipping options
    • Competitive prices
    • Sort items by lots of different filters including price, brand, size, manufacturing country and more
    Go to Bonanza

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    When it comes to competitive pricing, it doesn’t get much better than eBay. Shop for respirator masks and other health and safety items here. Join in the thrill of a bidding war or browse the “buy it now” options to secure your purchase.

    • Secure site with a range of payment options including PayPal
    • Prices are super affordable
    • Helpful product reviews on site
    • Free delivery from selected sellers
    Go to eBay

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    This leading Chinese wholesaler offers fantastic deals on countless everyday items. Enjoy manufacturer prices on an extensive range of bulk items including protective face masks and many other health and safety products.

    • Offers low prices by eliminating retail markup and allowing customers to order straight from the manufacturer
    • Free shipping to Canada is available on many items
    • Large range of products in many categories
    Go to DHgate

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    With thousands of brands and millions of products, AliExpress offers a full shopping experience with loads of options to choose from! Browse through a range of masks at hugely discounted prices – you won’t be disappointed!

    • Huge range of products, deals and sellers
    • Variety of shipping options
    • Competitive prices
    Go to AliExpress

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    When it comes to sourcing the right protective gear, Walmart won’t let you down. This retailer offers a wide range of products, including respirator masks, that will help keep you and your family safe.

    • Competitive prices
    • Large range of products
    • Sign up to get the weekly flyer for special offers direct to your inbox
    • Ad match available
    Go to Walmart

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    If you want bulk buy discounts and some of the lowest prices around, don’t pass up on this site! Alibaba gives you a direct link to product manufacturers, and by cutting out the middleman, you can avoid retailer inflation.

    • Cut out retailer inflation by eliminating the middleman
    • Check out using a secure shopping portal
    • Enjoy order protection through Trade Assurance, which requires you and your supplier to agree on the shipping date as well as the standard of quality that’ll apply to your product
    Go to Alibaba

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    Home Depot

    A dominant player on the Canadian home and hardware scene, The Home Depot has just about everything you could need for your next DIY project. This includes a range of health and safety products including respirator masks, disposable gloves and cleaning wipes.

    • Large variety of competitively-priced items
    • Plenty of time to decide if you want to return unused items (especially if you pay with a Home Depot credit card)
    • Free shipping on orders that reach or exceed a certain amount
    • Ship directly to your home or a nearby store.
    • Equipment rentals available
    Go to Home Depot

    Girl earning KN95 Face Mask

    Clinical Supplies (In Stock)

    Clinical Supplies provides top quality masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. They offer Canadian-wide delivery on all order from their warehouse which is located in British Columbia.

    • Verified by Finder
    • Bulk purchases over 10,000 units
    • FDA registered KN95 masks
    • Quick order dispatch (1-3 days)


    TO-Medicare (In Stock)

    Provides safety gear and products for healthcare professionals, businesses and families.

    • Free Canada-wide shipping for orders over $50
    • Orders within Canada are delivered within 1-5 business days
    • Wide range of PPE products to choose from


    Aussie Pharma Direct

    Offers quality Australian-made P2 / FFP2 respirator masks that exceed minimum N95 filtration compliance standards. They are made using cutting-edge nano-technology which means they offer high filtration, are light and comfortable plus 4 protective layers with a 3-panel design that moulds comfortably around the face yet still allows for comfort and breathability that can be worn for up to 24 hours.

    • Selected by Australian Olympic team as their official mask of choice for Tokyo Olympic Games
    • Nanofiber filter, filters >99.66% of airborne particulates
    • Approved by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for imported, non-NIOSH approved respirators
    • International express shipping available to Canada and the U.S.

    Which of these retailers offer free delivery?

    • PPE Supply: Free shipping on all orders over $99
    • Yes Wellness: Free shipping on orders that reach or exceed a certain amount
    • Amazon: Free shipping widely available, especially for Prime members
    • Bonanza: Free shipping offered by many sellers
    • eBay: Free shipping offered by many sellers
    • Home Depot: Free shipping on orders that reach or exceed a certain amount
    • DHgate: Free shipping on many items
    • AliExpress: Free shipping options widely available
    • Walmart: Free shipping on qualifying orders to select locations in Canada
    • Alibaba: Free shipping is offered on many products

    What are the benefits of buying face masks and respirators in bulk?

    If you’re buying masks for a group of people (for example, employees in an essential services workplace), bulk buying may be cheaper and more efficient in the long run. Each item typically costs less when you bulk buy because retailers often offer discounts for volume purchases.

    Additionally, if you or a group of people are wearing masks more frequently, your supply will get depleted much more quickly. Bulk buying saves you the trouble of having to make frequent shopping trips. Going out less may reduce the risk of getting infected by, or passing infections to, others.

    What’s the difference between face masks and respirators?

    Although these terms are often used interchangeably, technically, they refer to different products. “Respirators” (such as N95 masks) are designed to fit snugly on the wearer’s face and prevent airborne particles from passing in and out of the material. Respirators can be disposable, half-face or full-face.

    “Face masks” are designed to fit more loosely around the nose and mouth and don’t offer the same two-way protection as respirators. Nevertheless, face masks are still supposed to protect the wearer from spreading large droplets, splashes or spit to others.

    Are people in Canada required to wear face masks?

    It depends on where you live. Certain cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston in Ontario have implemented bylaws requiring people to wear face masks when in public. Outside these jurisdictions, businesses and other organizations may still exercise the discretion to require customers and employees to wear face masks. In some regions, wearing a mask is mandatory when riding public transit.

    The consequences for failing to follow regional rules usually involve stiff fines ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    It’s expected that more cities will consider adopting similar bylaws in the future to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as per the World Health Organization’s recommendations. Previously, the WHO had issued a statement advising governments to request that people wear fabric face masks in public.

    Take a look at this helpful page on the Government of Canada website to learn more about masks that offer the best protection during COVID-19. You can also learn about when and how to use masks from on the World Health Organization’s site.

    Which type of mask or respirator should I bulk buy?

    There’s a lot of information out there about when and where to wear a mask and what type of mask you need for various situations. Use this quick guide to help you decide which kind of face mask best fits your needs.

    Mask typeWho is it best for?DescriptionHow long does it last?
    N95, KN95 respirator masks N95 respirator maskHealthcare workersBlocks at least 95% of airborne particles when worn properly. Adheres to government testing regulations.Can be reused in certain situations, but must be discarded after coming into contact with bodily fluids, infected patients and in other circumstances. Read the CDC’s full reuse guidelines.
    Surgical face masks Surgical maskPeople who are sick or caring for someone who is sickProtects wearers from infecting others. Usually made of three layers of melt-blown fabric.Intended to be discarded after every use.
    Cloth face masks Cloth maskThe general population when in a public space (particularly when it’s hard to socially distance from others)Typically made from cotton fabric with elastic or tie straps. Some designs have a pocket to place a removable filter.Can be washed and reused for weeks or even months, as long as the material maintains its integrity.

    Learn more about specific types of face mask and respirators

    Learn about the features and specs of different types of masks, plus find out where to shop for these masks using our detailed guides below.

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