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Where to buy a Christmas tree online in Canada

Brighten up your home this holiday season with a beautiful Christmas tree from one of these online retailers.

No holiday celebration is complete without the perfect Christmas tree! Whether you prefer a classic, modern, slim, wide, short or tall tree — we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look at the following list of retailers that sell Christmas trees online for delivery across Canada. Be sure to check out which ones offer free shipping deals, so you can save while you shop.

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Where to buy Christmas trees online

1. Wayfair
Wayfair carries a vast selection of fashionable Christmas trees as well as ornaments, lights, candles, wreaths and more to deck out your home for the holidays.

  • Wide range of home decor for all seasons
  • Prompt, expert customer service
  • Free shipping deals available

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2. Amazon
Amazon stocks a huge selection of Christmas trees in one place, making it simple to compare brands, prices and customer reviews.

  • Trusted online marketplace
  • Free shipping on tons of items with an Amazon Prime membership
  • Easily compare prices and reviews on similar products

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3. The Home Depot
A dominant player on the Canadian home and hardware scene, The Home Depot has just about every type of Christmas tree you could want including tabletop, floor height, pre-lit, unlit and more.

  • Plenty of time to decide if you want to return unused items (especially if you pay with a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card)
  • Free shipping on orders that reach or exceed a certain amount
  • Ship directly to your home or a nearby store.

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4. Walmart
If you’re searching for a wide selection of Christmas decorations with plenty of styles and colours in different price ranges, Walmart won't let you down!

  • Very competitive prices
  • Ad match available
  • Get special offers direct to your inbox by signing up to receive Walmart's weekly flyer.

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5. Bed, Bath & Beyond
Browse a selection of high-quality Christmas trees and holiday decor at Bed, Bath & Beyond. While you're at it, check out items to furnish your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office and more.

  • Sign up for email promotions, and get 20% off your first purchase
  • Free shipping on orders over a certain amount
  • Carries a range of well-designed, high-quality items

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6. Etsy
The terms Etsy and unique are practically synonymous. Being a marketplace for boutique makers, it's all about one-of-a-kind items here, many of which can be custom-made to suit your wants and needs.

  • Support local creators by buying domestically or browse items from international sellers
  • Many sellers will customize your product(s) for you
  • Free delivery and express delivery available on some items

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7. Canadian Tire
A go-to source for home and hardware purchases, Canadian Tire carries loads of items you can't live without. Browse through a great supply of quality Christmas trees, indoor and outdoor lights, wreaths and more.

  • Earn Triangle Rewards, which you can redeem for Canadian Tire Money that can be used at SportChek, Atmosphere, Hockey Experts, Mark’s, Canadian Tire (including gas purchases) and other retailers
  • Refund policy allows you tons of time to decide if your want to return unused purchases
  • Have online purchases delivered to you, or choose free in-store pickup

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8. Bonanza
If you're craving a diverse shopping experience, you’ll love Bonanza. This site has an eclectic array of holiday furnishings, Christmas trees and seasonal decor as well as some unique, statement artwork.

  • Sort items by lots of different filters including price, brand, size, manufacturing country and more
  • Pay for purchases using PayPal's secure checkout system
  • Compile your own wishlist by creating an account

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9. carries a wide stock of holiday items from Christmas trees and outdoor decor to holiday pillows and wall art.

  • Lots of variety to choose from at discounted prices
  • Free shipping on everything
  • Sign up to get exclusive offers plus a 15% off coupon

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10. Best Buy
Best Buy is a go-to source of top brands across essential consumer electronics, but did you know it also stocks Christmas trees? That's right. Find a variety of trees at different price points at this trusted retailer.

  • Low price guarantee
  • Hassle-free returns for online orders
  • Easy-to-use website

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11. Teleflora
Order real (non-artificial) miniature Christmas trees from Teleflora, one of the most trusted floral services providers in the world. Have mini trees and wreaths delivered to loved ones. Add a special touch with boxed chocolates or a stuffed bear.

  • Access to a huge network of florists around the world and a variety of delivery options
  • Same-day delivery available (some exceptions apply)
  • Order from your desktop, tablet or phone

Go to Teleflora website View coupon codes for Teleflora

12. Lowe's
A competitive player on the Canadian hardware scene for over a decade, Lowe's sells lots of Christmas trees in different sizes and for different budgets. Don't live near a Lowe's store? Don't worry! Items can be shipped to many locations across Canada.

  • Free shipping on orders valued at $49 or more
  • Plenty of items to spruce up your home and prep for the holidays
  • Choose between at-home delivery or in-store pickup (delivery not available to some places)

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Which of these retailers offer free delivery?

  • Wayfair: Free shipping is available on eligible orders
  • Amazon: Free delivery from selected sellers.
  • The Home Depot: The majority of orders over $49 are eligible for free shipping
  • Walmart: Free shipping on qualifying orders to select locations in Canada
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond: Free shipping on orders over a certain amount.
  • Etsy: Free shipping on some items
  • eBay: Free shipping offered by many sellers
  • Bonanza: Free shipping offered by many sellers
  • Regular free shipping deals
  • Best Buy: Free shipping on orders of $35 and above
  • Lowe's: Spend $49 or above and qualify for free parcel delivery

What type of Christmas tree should I buy?

These days, there are tons of different Christmas trees available on the market. What type of “tree personality” do you have — classic, modern, monochromatic, colourful? Do you want to have the same type of Christmas tree every year? Are you prepared to maintain a real evergreen in your home?

We break down different types of Christmas trees in the table below to help you decide which one is right for you:

Should I get a real or artificial Christmas tree?

Tree typeProsCons
  • Fresh evergreen smell
  • Good if you want to move away from fake, mass-produced decor
  • Doesn’t require long-term storage
  • Typically less expensive than an artificial tree
  • May leak sap, making it sticky to handle
  • Needs to be watered regularly
  • Drops needles, which could be hazardous to pets and young children
  • Cannot be reused
Artificial (fake)
  • Can be reused; no need to shop for a new tree every year
  • Doesn’t need to be watered and doesn’t leak sap or drop needles
  • Very customizable
  • Available at many retailers
  • Lacks a fresh, evergreen scent
  • Usually more expensive than a real tree
  • Can collect dust and develop a musty smell if not stored properly
  • Usually requires assembly

What type of artificial Christmas tree should I get?

Tree typeProsCons
  • Good if you prefer classic Christmas decor
  • Natural colour suits a wide range of indoor spaces
  • Good base colour for different types of decorations; not stuck to one theme
  • Widely available in stores
  • Not very unique
  • Not good if you prefer modern decor
Non-traditional colour
  • Good if you’re sick and tired of traditional Christmas decor
  • Allows you to try new, unique ways of decking out for the holidays
  • Eye-catching
  • Potentially be more difficult to decorate a non-traditional tree
  • Often considered a novelty item and subsequently priced higher than green trees
  • Not as widely available as green trees
  • Not as universally appealing (if you’re decorating a public place or inviting people over for a party)
  • Good if you prefer a traditional Christmas tree silhouette
  • Makes a big visual impact
  • Takes up a lot of room; may not be suitable for apartments.
  • Physically harder to assemble than a smaller, narrower tree
  • Heavier to move
  • Fits well into small or tight spaces
  • Good if you want minimal Christmas decorations
  • Physically easier to move and decorate
  • Doesn’t have the same visual impact as a wide tree
  • Not as widely sold as traditional, wide trees
  • May not be as appealing to children and people who love traditional Christmas decor
  • Can use whatever type of lights you want (solid, blinking, coloured, white, LED etc.)
  • Easier to replace burnt out lights or entire sections of dead lights than it would be with a pre-lit tree
  • Less expensive than a pre-lit tree
  • Have to physically add/remove lights
  • Have to deal with tangled light strands
  • Lights strings can easily get detached when people or pets make contact with the tree
  • Don’t have to deal with tangled light strands
  • Massive time saver
  • Less physically demanding
  • Lights are well-placed as part of the tree’s manufacturing process (no awkward decorating here!)
  • Inconvenient when lights or light sections go dead (although many pre-lit trees are wired so that, if one bulb goes out, the rest of the string will remain unaffected)
  • Harder to customize the tree
  • Lends a grand appearance to any space
  • Different to the types of Christmas trees most people have
  • Can permit more fullness
  • Requires a high ceiling or must be used outdoors
  • Hard to decorate the top of the tree
  • More expensive than traditionally-sized trees
  • Can be hard to move and set up
  • Fits better in small or tight spaces; good for bedrooms or personal work areas
  • Less expensive than traditionally-sized trees
  • Easy to decorate (no straining to reach the top!)
  • Can easily be moved or toppled by mischievous toddlers or energetic pets!
  • May be a little underwhelming for Christmas enthusiasts who love being surrounded by holiday decor
  • Depending on the retailer, you may not have as many options to choose from

What to look for when shopping for a Christmas tree

Shopping for the perfect Christmas tree is about more than simply finding a decent-looking evergreen at the right price. Consider the following points when browsing online or in stores:

  • For pre-lit trees, read the description to make sure that — if one light goes out — the rest of the lights will stay lit. Make sure you have spare light bulbs on hand to replace any that go dead.
  • Note the number of tips on the tree. The more tips there are, the fuller the tree will look. This is important if you dread coming home with a tree that looks better in its picture than its does in real life.
  • Pay attention to the tree’s diameter, which reflects the width of the tree at its widest point. This is crucial for determining if a given tree will fit in your space.
  • For artificial (fake) trees, what type of real-life tree is it modelled after? Most artificial trees are designed to look like real trees, which can vary in needle thickness, colour and spread. For example, fir trees have smooth, hardy branches and somewhat flattened needles. Spruce trees have rough wooden branches, soft needles and cones that are flexible to the touch. The needles on pine trees are attached to branches in clusters and its cones are both strong and rigid.

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