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Billfodl – September 2020 review

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Back up your cryptocurrency hardware wallet's seed phrase in solid steel with Billfodl and its accessories.

  • Great for its wide range of accessories
  • Not so great for its limited ability to only hold hex keys and seed phrases, not more complex passwords



Laser cut



Steel grade


Name Billfodl Cryptocurrency Backup Device
Price US$79
Character types Lowercase letters
Uppercase letters
Blank tiles

Make Laser cut
Steel grade 316


  • Extra corrosion resistance. The grade of steel Billfodl uses is more corrosion-resistant than the type used by some other devices.
  • Competitively priced. The Billfodl is one of the most affordable hardware wallet backups.
  • Adjustable. You can change the seed phrase in your device after your setting it.


  • Hex keys and recovery seeds only. There are no special characters available for Billfodl.
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What is Billfodl?

Note: This is a review of the Multishard, one of several variants of Billfodl products.
Billfodl is a straightforward cryptocurrency private key and recovery seed backup. It’s a stainless steel container that you write words in using stainless steel tiles.

Specifically, it holds the words of your cryptocurrency seed phrase or your private key. The seed phrase is the back-up phrase, which consists of several words. You will receive a recovery seed phrase when setting up a hardware wallet for the first time. You use this recovery seed phrase to regain access to your cryptocurrency wallet in the event of its loss or destruction.

Seed phrases are standard for all cryptocurrency hardware wallets, so people often use Billfodl as a highly durable complement to a separate hardware wallet.

How do I use Billfodl?

You use Billfodl by putting your seed phrases into it.

  1. Find a clean workspace, lay out your intended seed phrase using the tiles and open the packaging.
  2. Slide the Billfodl open and lay it on your work surface so the logo is facing upwards.
  3. Use one of the supplied tiles to twist the screw in the top right of the Billfodl to unlock the top latch.
  4. Use the supplied tiles to spell out your seed phrase. You may need to give each word no more than four characters. Do not leave any empty spaces. Use the blanks to fill up any gaps.
  5. Close the latch, and using a tile again, lock up the unit in the same place on the top right.
  6. Double check that the data is accurate, that the latch is firmly locked and that everything’s tight and secure.

Where to buy Billfodl in Canada?

You can buy the Billfodl online at the Billfodl website or from one of Billfodl’s authorized resellers.

Go to Billfodl's website

How much does Billfodl cost?

The Billfodl by itself starts at US$93, but Billfodl also offers a range of bundles and accessories, such as tamper-evident stickers, holders and locks.

How secure is Billfodl?

As a piece of metal, Billfodl might be about as secure as a cryptocurrency wallet can get.

  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof
  • Rustproof
  • Impact resistant
Go to Billfodl's website

What else do I need to know about Billfodl?

Billfodl is a small company based in Texas, founded in 2017.

It’s relatively well known in the cryptocurrency world as a provider of physical stainless steel cryptocurrency recovery seed backups

Billfodl vs Cryptosteel

Cryptosteel is a similar product that works almost exactly the same as Billfodl and comes with a similar price point.

There are some key differences though.

  • Steel grade. Cryptosteel uses 304-grade stainless steel while Billfodl uses 316-grade stainless steel. The difference there is that Billfodl’s 316-grade steel has 2% molybdenum added, which gives it some additional corrosion resistance compared to Cryptosteel. Functionally, this means Billfodl is more resistant to acid solutions at high temperatures, chlorine and salty environments, so it might fare slightly better outdoors in coastal areas or in the ocean for extended periods of time.
  • Tile make. The Billfodl tiles are laser cut while the Cryptosteel’s are stamped. This means the Billfodl’s tiles are slightly more uniform, which can make it quicker and easier to load them.
  • Tile distribution. Your tile arrangement will depend on which model of the Cryptosteel you get, while the Billfodl gives a standard distribution each time. The Billfodl works for all hex keys and seed phrases, while your options for the Cryptosteel will depend on the tile set you’ve ordered.

Compare cryptocurrency backup devices

Name Product Stainless steel grade Production Price
Cryptosteel Cryptocurrency Backup Device
Choose from 4 ways to backup your crypto in high-quality steel. Store your private keys, recovery phrases or both.
Billfodl Cryptocurrency Backup Device
Laser cut
Keep a backup of your cryptocurrency private keys and recovery seeds in a highly durable steel case.
CRYPTOTAG Cryptocurrency Backup Device
A premium backup solution designed to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

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In a nutshell


  • Durable. Billfodl is a solid storage device for recovery seeds.
  • Simple. The process for setting it up is simple.
  • Extra corrosion resistance. It may be the single most corrosion-resistant option for recovery seed storage in existence.
  • Competitively priced. The Billfodl is one of the more cost-effective options for reliably holding recovery seeds.


  • Hex keys and recovery seeds only. There are no special characters available for Billfodl.
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Frequently asked questions

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Ledger Nano X Wallet
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TREZOR One Wallet
TREZOR hardware wallet is a secure way to keep your cryptocurrency safe from hackers and malware.
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