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A tourist’s guide to prepaid SIM cards in Suriname

Find deals on data with local SIM cards in South America.

The smallest country in South America, Suriname is also one of the most diverse in the world: a wide blend of ethnicities, religions and languages. Tourists flock to Suriname for its Amazonian rain forests. If you’re headed to Suriname, consider lowering your trip expenses by purchasing a local SIM card to cut down on roaming charges. You can purchase a prepaid SIM Card with 2.56GB of data valid for 7 days for SRD60 (CAD$10.33). Finder CA offers the following guide to Suriname’s mobile network operators.

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Mobile network operators in Suriname

There are two mobile network operators in Suriname: Telesur (also known as TeleG) and Digicel. Neither has 4G coverage but they advertise their 3G coverage as 4G. Once you get outside of the populated areas, coverage is a roll of the dice, with most of the remote areas having little to no reception.

Telesur (TeleG)

Telesur is the name of the state-owned company and TeleG is the GSM network. Telesur outlets are the place to get your SIM cards, which cost SRD20. The balance is valid for 180 days, but if your balance reaches zero, you must top up within 60 days or your account will be closed. Top-up vouchers come in two currencies in a range from SRD5-SRD100 and US$5-US$50. They are available at Telesur stores along with petrol stations and grocery stores. To check your available balance, dial *132#.

Telesur has three types of data bundles available: for smartphones, for social media and data-only packages.

Telesur smartphone bundles

These packs can be combined with social media packs. To activate, text the code below to 4040. If you need to check your volume, text NET INFO to 4040.

PriceData VolumeValidityActivation Code
SRD8700MB1 dayNET 1D
SRD161.28GB3 daysNET 3D
SRD402.56GB7 daysNET 7D
SRD703.584GB14 daysNET 14D
SRD1207.168GB30 daysNET 30D

Telesur social bundles

These bundles will function only on smartphones running iOS or Android OS. Activate them by texting code to 4040. The websites/apps that will work on these bundles are: WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. To check your balance, text “NETSO INFO” to 4040.

PriceData VolumeValidityActivation Code
SRD12512MB3 daysNETSO 3D
SRD241.024GB7 daysNETSO 7D
SRD533.072GB30 daysNETSO 30D

Data-only bundles

These can be activated by texting the code below to 4040. Packages will auto-renew after 30 days or when the data is depleted.

PriceData VolumeValidityActivation Code
SRD122.048GB1 dayDATA 1D
SRD604.096GB7 daysDATA 7D
SRD17010.24GB30 daysDATA 30D

APN for smartphone packages:

APN for data-only packages:

Website (Dutch only):


Digicel started in Suriname in 2007. It claims to have a 4G network, but it’s really a 3G-based HSPA+network. Its prepaid plan is called Digicel Flex. The starter card costs SRD20 and is available at Digicel outlets. Top-up cards, also own as Flex Cards, are easily accessible at convenience stores, petrol stations and supermarkets. Top-ups are available in denominations from SRD2.50-SRD100. To check your balance or validity period, dial *120*3#. Digicel also has a universal top-up site online.

PriceData VolumeValidity
SRD11.14600MB1 day
SRD21.111.024GB3 days
SRD31.78500MB7 days
SRD55.122.048GB7 days
SRD63.563.584GB7 days
SRD63.56500MB30 days
SRD123.131.537GB30 days
SRD152.546.144GB30 days

Digicel social media packages

The following plans are dedicated to social media websites including: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!Mail. Note that these plans only work on Android devices. You can order any of them by dialling *100# and accessing the menu.

SRD11.142 days
SRD21.115 days
SRD39.8710 days


Website (Dutch only):

Pros and cons of Suriname’s top SIM card operators

Suriname has two SIM card providers. Here are some of the positives and negatives about these companies.


  • TeleG top-ups are available in both SRD and US$ denominations.
  • Social media packages offer unlimited data to select sites.
  • Digicel has a top-up website that accepts most international credit cards.


  • Both companies falsely advertise that they have 4G networks.
  • Coverage ranges from bad to non-existent outside the major cities.

An additional question about SIM cards in Suriname

Q: What is the status of Suriname network operator Uniqa?

A: Uniqa no longer operates in Suriname. This Curacao-based company had a sale pending to Digicel in 2015 that fell through. The company ceased operations in 2016. Its existing SIM cards no longer function.

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