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How to find the best prepaid SIM card when visiting Luxembourg

Reduce your roaming charges while travelling abroad with a local SIM card.

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Luxembourg is the home of many of the agencies and institutions of the European Union (EU). If you are one of the thousands of people coming to Luxembourg each day on foreign business or merely visiting family or friends, consider using a prepaid SIM card during your trip.

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Cell phone carriers in Luxembourg

There are three telco operators in Luxembourg, all of which stopped selling anonymous prepaid SIM cards in 2015. This is to make it more difficult for terrorists and criminals to communicate via untraceable, anonymous networks. You must have your passport to buy a SIM card. You can get a 30-day card with unlimited texts and 500MB of data for EUR10 (CAD$14.72).

The prepaid SIM card brands are:

  • Tango
  • Post Telecom
  • Orange

As of 2015, Post was the market leader in volume with 100,000 prepaid SIM cards in circulation, followed by Tango with 80,000 and Orange with 14,000. All three providers began offering 4G/LTE in 2012 on 1800 MHz, and most of the country is covered. Let’s look at the features of each telco in turn.


Tango is Luxembourg’s second-largest SIM card provider and is owned by Belgacom. Its most common package is Tango Carte Go, which costs EUR10 and includes a EUR10 top-up, SIM card and phone number. There’s good flexibility for you if you visit Luxembourg often because the SIM card is valid for nine months from the date of activation or refill and the top-up credits are good for six months. Under the Carte Go plans, you can text any other Tango user without limit and send up to 200 text messages per day to users in other networks. Here’s a look at the packages available for Tango Carte Go.

Top-up costNational dataLengthCredit included
EUR5250MB30 daysEUR5
EUR10500MB30 daysEUR10
EUR201GB30 daysEUR20
EUR402GB30 daysEUR40

If you’re in Luxembourg for anywhere from 5-30 days and know you’ll be relying heavily on texting and data during your stay, the company also offers Tango Graffiti as a SIM card solution. It offers unlimited texts regardless of network and unlimited data for its high-end plan. Here’s a look at the four plans Graffiti offers:

Top-up costNational dataLength
EUR40Unlimited30 days
EUR201GB30 days
EUR10400MB12 days
EUR5150MB5 days

Once you’ve purchased a Tango SIM card, you can text “STATUS” to 62500 and find out when your credit expires or dial *120# to check how much credit you have left. Tango also offers this information through its MyTango app. You can refill your SIM card at any of Tango’s 10 retail outlets or 20 retail partners, or you can top up online.

Tango APN: internet, and website:


Post Telecom Luxembourg is state-owned and controls more than 50% of the market. Its prepaid SIM cards go under the name TIPTOP and are sold at post offices and other locations. Topping up your card can be done via vouchers in EUR10, EUR15 or EUR25 increments, as well as via the Internet. To see how much available credit you have at any time, text *110# to track your usage.

The TIPTOP cards are sold for EUR19 and come with additional credit of between EUR5 and EUR10. Top-up vouchers give you additional flexibility for 30, 60 or 90 days.

TIPTOP also has two monthly data packages for visitors to Luxembourg seeking prepaid SIM cards. The plan details and how to access them are listed below:

DataCostActivation code
500MBEUR10Text “DATA500” to 64000
1GBEUR5Text “DATA1000” to 64000

Post APN: (cellular data) and (MMS); website:


Orange accounts for about 15% of the market share and is owned by Orange Belgium. You can grab a prepaid data SIM card in an Orange shop. There are two different cards available for tourists and foreign visitors. Activating your card is easy – just dial 678. Top-ups range from EUR5 to EUR30 and are good for one year from the activation date. Orange offers two SIM cards. If you’re staying exclusively in Luxembourg during your time abroad, the best choice is “Moien”. If you’re going to be travelling through other countries, then the “Hello” card is for you. Here’s a comparison of the two to help make your decision easier.

EU roamingNone“Roam-Like-at-Home”
Starter data1GB1GB
EUR5 top-up1GB250MB
EUR10 top-up2GB500MB
EUR20 top-up4GB1GB
EUR30 top-up6GB1.5GB

If your stay is bumped up to an extra day or an extra month, either card can be upgraded with extra data. You can add:

  • 250MB for 1 day for a cost of EUR1. To activate, text “DATAS” to 60280.
  • 5GB for 1 month for a cost of EUR5. To activate, text “LuxData” to 60280.

Orange APN:, and website:

Pros and cons of Luxembourg’s top telco providers

The three major providers of SIM cards in Luxembourg have multiple options for short- and longer-term visitors to one of the EU’s smallest countries.


  • Three providers combine for 4G/LTE coverage of more than 97% of country.
  • Orange’s Moien plan is a good option if you will not be travelling outside of Luxembourg during your trip.


  • If you do not have a Luxembourg ID or your passport, you will not be allowed to purchase a prepaid SIM card.

An additional question about finding the best prepaid SIM card in Luxembourg

Q: I previously bought a SIM card while visiting Luxembourg. Why is it now blocked?

A: Luxembourg recently passed a law outlawing the anonymous sale of prepaid SIM cards. Any cards that were not registered by 12 July 2017, were automatically blocked.

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