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Payday loans open 24 hours

If you need cash urgently, check out lenders that offer payday loans 24/7 in Canada.

If you need cash to cover essential expenses and to see you through to your next paycheque, you might be considering a payday loan. Not only can you access the money you need within minutes via e-Transfer, but you can also find payday loans open 24 hours in Canada.

However, watch out for high interest rates and very short loan terms with these loans and make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate lender before you apply.

Compare online payday loans open 24 hours

⚠️ Warning: Be cautious with payday loans
High-cost payday loans are unsustainable for borrowing over a continued period of time and are expensive as a means of longer-term borrowing. If you're experiencing financial hardship call Credit Counselling Canada for free financial counselling (Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm at +1 866-398-5999). You may also want to consider payday loan alternatives.
Loan providerAPRLoan amountLoan termServed provinces
iCASHVaries by province$100 – $1,5007 - 62 daysAB, BC, MB, NB, NS, ON, PEI
Pay2DayVaries by province$300 – $1,500Up to 62 daysON, BC, NS
My Canada Payday LoanVaries by province$100 – $1,500Up to 62 daysAB, BC, MB, NS, ON, SK

Maximum borrowing costs of payday loans per province
Always refer to your contract for exact repayment amounts and costs as they may vary from our results.
Province Maximum allowable cost of borrowing
Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario & Prince Edward Island $15 per $100 borrowed
Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Nova Scotia $17 per $100 borrowed
Newfoundland and Labrador $14 per $100 borrowed
Quebec Limit of 35% annual interest rate (AIR)

Which payday lenders have store locations open 24 hours?

Heading in-store to apply for a payday loan? The following lenders have some branches open 24 hours.

  • Pay2Day. Pay2Day operates over 30 locations, but only four Ontario locations in Toronto, Brampton and Cambridge are open 24 hours a day. You’ll need to provide proof of employment income and your bank account details to qualify for a loan.
  • Cash Money. A selected range of Cash Money locations are open 24 hours a day. Use the Find a Store feature on Cash Money’s website to find your nearest location. You’ll need a chequing account, a source of income, proof of ID and a working phone number to apply.

How do payday loans open 24 hours work?

Payday loans open 24 hours in-store

If you want to apply for a payday loan in-store, visit the lender’s nearest location in person. You’ll need to take the following documents with you to get approved:

  • Proof of ID, such as your driver’s licence
  • Proof of income, such as a pay stub
  • Proof of your bank account details, such as a bank statement
  • References (depending on the lender)

If needed, you can receive your loan amount as cash. However, some payday lending stores can also use an Interac e-Transfer to send the money directly to your bank account.

Payday loans open 24 hours online

Applying for a payday loan online is easy, and you can do it 24/7. You’ll need to fill out a form on the lender’s website or mobile app with the following information:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Your bank account details (branch transit number, financial institution number and your bank account number)
  • Details of your income and employment

Many payday lenders use instant bank verification to view your bank statements online, check your income and verify your identity. This allows you to apply without scanning and uploading physical documents, which speeds up the approval process.

If approved, you can then review and sign the loan contract. The funds will then be sent to your account via e-Transfer, so regardless of the time of day, you should receive the money within minutes.

Can you apply and get a payday loan on a weekend?

Yes, it’s possible to apply and get a payday loan on a weekend both in-store and online. If you’d like to apply in-store, do your research to find a payday lender with branches near you that are open on the weekends. You can then take all the required documents to the store, fill out an application form, get approved and get your funds in cash or as an e-Transfer.

If you’re applying online, there are multiple online lenders that accept and approve applications 24/7. Make sure the lender you choose offers instant decisions and that they also provide e-Transfer payday loans to ensure that you get fast access to the loan amount.

For more information, check out our guide to weekend payday loans.

Tips to get a fast payday loan

There are several simple things you can do to ensure that your loan is approved as quickly as possible:

  • Get your documents ready. If you’re applying in-store, make sure you take all the necessary documents with you when you go. Check what documents the lender requires ahead of time – such as proof of ID, bank statements and pay stubs – so that you’re fully prepared.
  • Verify your bank account online. If you’re applying online, get ready to verify your bank account via instant bank verification. By providing your bank account details, you allow the lender to view your account (but not access the funds in it) so they can assess your ability to repay a loan. This speeds up the application process.
  • Prepare references. If you’re applying online, some lenders will ask you to provide character references to prove your identity and confirm your contact details. They may also apply for a reference from your employer to check your employment status, so prepare any references before you apply.
  • Choose a 24/7 lender. There are some situations when your payday loan application isn’t straightforward, such as if you’ve just started a new job, moved house or have unpredictable income. If that’s the case, your application may take longer to assess and need to be manually reviewed, so make sure you apply to a payday lender with staff operating 24/7.
  • Check for errors. Before you submit a payday loan application, review all the details you’ve supplied to check for any errors. A simple mistake such as a typo in your name or address can result in your application being automatically rejected.

Do you need to go through a credit check with 24/7 payday loans?

It depends on the lender. Some payday lenders do credit checks, while others don’t. Those who don’t will focus on whether you can afford to repay the loan. They’ll check to see whether you have a stable recurring income and whether that’s from employment, government assistance or a private pension.

Pros and cons of 24/7 payday loans


  • Easy to apply. It’s quick and easy to apply for a payday loan online, no matter the day or time.
  • Bad credit accepted. You don’t need to undergo a credit check to qualify for a 24/7 payday loan, so your less than perfect credit history won’t stop you from accessing the cash you need.
  • Fast approval. Depending on the lender you choose, you may be able to get approved for a loan within minutes.


  • High APRs. A payday loan costs $14 to $17 for every $100 borrowed, which works out to an APR of 300% or more, so this is a very expensive type of borrowing. That’s why you should always consider payday loan alternatives first.
  • Short loan terms. The maximum time you have to pay back a payday loan is 62 days. If you can’t pay back the money you borrow in time, you may need to take out another loan – which can quickly lead to a cycle of debt.
  • Risk of applying on impulse. Be wary of applying for a 24/7 payday loan simply because it’s available when you need cash. You should only apply for a payday loan once you’ve considered a range of other options.
  • Sketchy lenders. Disreputable lenders also target payday loan borrowers. Make sure a lender is legitimate and licensed in your province or territory before you apply.

How to compare payday loans open 24 hours

Consider the following factors when comparing 24/7 payday loans:

  • Lender’s credentials. To avoid disreputable lenders, do your research to make sure the lender has a payday lending licence in your province and abides by all local regulations. You can also look for factors such as BBB accreditation and read reviews from other borrowers on independent review websites.
  • APR. The annual percentage rate shows you how much the payday loan would cost in a year. So when you want to work out how the cost of one loan compares to another, use the APR for a fair comparison.
  • Fees. Don’t forget to also check the fine print for details of any other fees that are not included in the APR, such as NSF and late payment fees.
  • Loan term. The maximum payday loan term is 62 days, but it’s often much shorter. If you’re not in Alberta, you’ll likely have to repay the full amount by your next payday. Consider whether you’ll have enough cash left over to cover your essential expenses.
  • Online or in-store. Check whether you can apply online, in-store or whether the lender offers both options. If you’re applying in-store, does the lender have convenient locations near you?
  • Required documents. Check the lender’s website or give them a call to find out what documentation you’ll need to provide when applying for a loan. Along with proof of ID, you may also need to supply bank statements, pay stubs and references.
  • Processing time. Find out how long it will take you to apply, get approved and get the money from the loan. In some cases, it’s possible to access the funds you need in less than an hour.
  • How you receive cash. If fast access to funds is a must, check whether the lender offers cash pick-up in-store or payment via Interac e-Transfer.

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