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Business Internet Plan Finder

Compare cost, speed and security when finding the right provider.

Name Product Prices Starting At Speeds Minimum Contract Bundles
AT&T Internet Business
$50 Monthly
25 - 1000 MBPS
12 months
Internet, Phone, TV
Fiber optic plans start at $50 for the first year, waive the rental fee for the Wi-Fi router and come with a $100 AT&T Reward Card when you order online.
Verizon FIOS Business
$69 Monthly
100/100 - 940/880 MBPS
0 - 36 months
Internet, Phone, TV
Upload, download and stream superfast on Verizon's 100% fiber-optic network. All bundles come with a 2-year price guarantee and $200 Visa prepaid gift card.
Comcast XFINITY Business
Comcast XFINITY Business
$69.95 Monthly
35 - Up to 1,000 MBPS
24 - 36 months
Internet, Phone, TV
Charter Spectrum Business
Charter Spectrum Business
$49.99 Monthly
200 - 940 MBPS
No Contract
Internet, Phone, TV
Cox Communications Business
$49.99 Monthly
10 - Up to 1,000 MBPS
36 months
Internet, Phone, TV
Basic internet plans with a 1-year contract start at $29.99/month with download speeds of 10Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps. Upgrade to Panoramic Wi-Fi and get wall-to-wall internet coverage at home — prices vary.
hughesNet Business
hughesNet Business
$59.99 Monthly
24 months

Compare up to 4 providers

Choosing a business Internet plan instead of a residential plan can help your business meet its needs. Most plans offer stronger security, faster upload speed and more megabits (Mbps). The size of your company and the number of users you have will determine the kind of plan you choose.

What are business Internet plans?

Business Internet plans are intended for people who run and operate a business. Businesses rely on a fast, reliable connection to monitor sales, track employee hours and much more.

When connections or security fail, businesses are at risk of losing sales, clients and money. Business Internet plans aim to provide speed and reliability, plus a dedicated support team to help out if you run into issues or problems.

How much does business Internet cost?

The cost of a business Internet plan depends on the size of your business, the speed you’re looking for and if you run an e-commerce business. Plans start as low as $35 per month for 10 to 15Mbps and can be as much as $650 monthly for unlimited data and ultrafast speed.

The number of employees you have and how often your business needs to download and stream content or conduct video conferences will impact the amount of Mbps you need and the amount you’ll spend.

Depending on the provider you choose, some offer discounts for bundling your phone and TV. Other providers offer a better rate if you sign a two year contract or pay annually.

What are the benefits of business Internet plans?

The benefits of signing up for a business Internet plan rather than trying to run your business on a cheaper residential line means that you can:

  • Access 24/7 customer support
  • Get more Mbps and faster speeds for e-commerce sites and video conferences.
  • Offer stronger security to protect personal information
  • Access a unique IP address for some plans
  • Bundle with phone and TV to save and pay one bill

How to compare business Internet plans

Your business’s Internet needs vary. Digital startups that are primarily online have very different needs than a brick-and-mortar store looking to expand its digital presence. Consider these factors when choosing your Internet plan.

  • Cost. With a business plan, you can pay as much as you want for a connection. Think about how many Mbps you use — it’s usually the biggest factor that determines the price of your plan.
  • Mbps. The speed and megabits you need depends on the number of employees and users, how often you’ll download and stream content and if you need video conferencing.
  • Security. Shielding yourself from cyber attacks and hacks protects your business, employees and customers. Some business plans come with extra security with anti-spam software and protect files with cloud backup.
  • Number of employees. If you’re a smaller business, consider less Mbps and a smaller plan. Larger businesses that rely on e-commerce may need to purchase a larger plan.
  • Email and web storage. Determine whether you want to have internal company emails and see how many your plan offers. Some plans include a cloud storage feature for hosting company websites or files.
  • Discounts. Some providers offer discounts for bundling services like Internet with TV and phone service. You could pay less if you sign up for a longer contract, or choose to pay annually.

Alternatives to fixed-line business Internet plans

A fixed-line business plan may be the only workable solution for large-scale businesses. However, if you operate a small business with only a few employees or you can’t get a reliable fixed-line connection, you may want to consider a mobile broadband solution instead. Some providers offer mobile broadband specifically designed for small businesses.

Bottom line

If you’re running a business from your home and need to upgrade to a business Internet plan, compare the services around you. The amount you spend on your business Internet provider depends on the size of your company, and how fast you need your connection to run.

Find out what else your business needs for success — from loans, management and how to to grow.

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