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Playster review

Playster’s library has more than 50,000 titles, however, you’ll only be able to access all of its audiobooks with a Premium membership. Is it worth it?

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Blinkist review

An audiobook provider that summarizes each nonfiction text into digestible 15- to 20- minute summaries if you’re eager to learn, but are short on time.

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Hibooks review

Hibooks offers a book club-like service for a yearly fee in exchange for unlimited audiobook titles discounted up to 80% — but at an additional $3.50/month.

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Kobo review

Kobo is a pioneer in e-books, and audiobooks are no exception. Learn about its features, free 30-day trial and how to get a free audiobook each month

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Scribd review

Unlimited access to e-books, audiobooks, sheet music, documents and magazines can happen with a low monthly subscription to Scribd.

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